Twickenham Prep Support School in Malawi

Twig school Twickenham Prep has recently opted to support African Vision Malawi, a charity organisation that helps orphaned and vulnerable children with health and education.


African Vision has now partnered Twickenham Prep with a ‘pop-up’ school in Malawi. Unlike schools in the UK, Sognwe has no physical school building, but is simply a meeting of teachers and students in the community.


Head of Science Jennifer Scott said:

The nearest physical school is too far for the children to get to, so this ‘pop-up’ initiative has been started instead. There is fantastic news as the school has now been recognised as a Government school, which means that the Government has to provide at least two qualified teachers.’


The students and teachers at Twickenham Prep are hoping to raise enough funds to build a bridge at the bottom of the hill where the school is based, which would provide access to education for more children. Scott explained:

The river is too wide and deep for children to cross at the moment and the previous bridge collapsed so we desperately want to create further access.


But there are some things we’ve been able to help with immediately. During our first meeting with the charity, we learnt that the children love to get stickers. There is also a great need for pencils as the students often have to share!


What followed was a sweep round school to gather up stickers and stationary. Twig World supplied some free stickers, pens and science posters to add to the cause, and the students filled a whole box full of useful goodies, which will be taken to Malawi in the next couple of weeks.


Twickenham Prep we salute you!


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