Flip the classroom with Twig

You’ve probably heard of a learning technique called flipped classroom. But what does it actually mean, and how can it enhance your lessons?


Flipped classroom is a form of blended learning that encourages students to study new topics in advance of lessons.


As a topic is introduced before the lesson, you can spend more time in class identifying any areas of difficultly for your students and consolidating their understanding of key concepts. The flipped classroom approach also leaves more time for group discussion and collaborative, practical work in lessons.


Short videos make great resources for students to use independently for flipped classroom learning, as they offer information in a concise and engaging format. Videos also allow your students to learn at their own pace – pausing and rewinding to ensure that they’ve understood everything.


The flipped classroom has drastically changed schools’ exam results.


Clintondale High School is thought to have been one of the first ‘flipped schools’. Clintondale had been struggling with results, with many students failing science and maths. But when the flipped classroom was introduced, failure rates more than halved, dropping from 44% to 13% in maths, and 41% to 19% in science.


But the flipped classroom approach has raised a number of problems for teachers. Firstly, it’s difficult to find short videos online which just cover the key learning points of the curriculum.


Secondly, with a video online there’s no way of monitoring whether to not your students have actually watched them – let alone whether or not they’ve understood the content!


That’s why Twig has created Assignments – a new feature that lets you set Twig films as homework and monitor whether or not your students have watched them.


Accompanying each from in Twig Assignments is a list of key points, supplementary material to broaden your students’ knowledge and quizzes that let you see how much your students have learnt. The quiz results are recorded in graphs, which measure your students’ progress over time and show which bits they found the trickiest.



If you are a subscriber on Twig-world.com and would like to start using Assignments, or you would like to start a subscription, please call 020 3475 7713 or email support@twig-world.com.

Introducing a new film page view for students

Film pages on Twig offer great related resources to help teachers, including classroom visuals, topic handouts and learning materials to use in the classroom. But these aren’t always relevant to students logging on.


Students benefit from resources that will help them understand topics and support their learning.


From next month, we are introducing a brand new Science and Earth Science film page view for students.


In place of teaching materials, they will see new content that helps reinforce what they have learnt in the film. The student view contains:


Key points to reinforce core concepts.


key points for blog

Fun facts to consolidate students’ learning.

facts for blog

And quizzes to make sure they’ve understood everything!

quizzes for blog


Teachers logging in can use the tabs underneath the film player to switch between the teacher and student views.

student teacher


To access the new film page view, students must log in using a student account. For information on setting up student accounts, simply email your account manager or contact us.

World Teach In – back and bigger than ever!

The world’s first pop-up science school returns this November, promising even more inspiring talks and explosive ideas to fuel teachers’ lessons!


Organised by Twig World, this exciting teacher training opportunity will be taking place at the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and Imperial College London.


Rivalling the conventional conference by putting teachers back in the classroom, World Teach In offers two dynamic days of awe-inspiring CPD (continuing professional development). Last year’s event saw teachers from 17 countries travel to London to learn about how to bring the primary science curriculum to life.


This year, World Teach In invites both primary and secondary teachers, and the focus will be on STEM learning.


STEM for Schools 2015– Friday 20 November (secondary education)


At STEM for Schools 2015, secondary science teachers will be inspired by experts in STEM, take part in live experiments and lessons, and learn how to teach the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills needed to maintain the future of STEM industries.


Most crucially, delegates will get the support they need to integrate STEM into the science curriculum, and walk away with resources and ideas to fuel their lessons.


Reach Out CPD Live!– Saturday 21 November (primary education)


Reach Out CPD Live! will provide primary teachers with a range of innovative, cross-curricular ideas for teaching outstanding science lessons. The day is named after the hugely popular Reach Out CPD online training resource, developed by Tigtag in partnership with Imperial College London.


With speakers including Imperial College London’s Professor Maggie Dallman, the BBC’s Simon Baxter and science writer Marcus Chown, plus the chance to share best practice with teachers from around the world, World Teach In is a unique education event not to be missed!


For a taste of what’s in store, take a look at what MIT’s Tyler DeWitt got up to at last year’s World Teach In, as he tells the story of the B-Cell.


For more information, please visit www.worldteachin.com