Twig in Top Six EdTech Companies in Europe, says IBIS

This week IBIS Capital published their European Top 20; a shortlist of ‘fastest growing’ and most ‘innovative companies’ in Europe.


Twig World ranked in the top six overall (indicated by the blue colour coding above), coming in ahead of competitors such as GCSEPod and Brightwave.


The 20 companies were selected from nine different countries by IBIS Capital, specialists in investment and corporate finance. The selected companies had a growth between 13% and 934% last year and exhibited significant innovative flair.IBIS Capital have strong focus on digital media in the education and health sectors and are also responsible for launching the event EdTech Europe, which will take place in London 2016, now in its fourth year.


Of course, Twig in association with Imperial College London have created their own global educational event, World Teach In which delivers interactive STEM CPD to primary and secondary teachers. Buy your tickets here!

Use Twig for IGCSE and IB Math Studies

Use Twig for IGCSE and IB Math Studies

‘The Emperor’s Chess Board short film by Twig World, has served as an excellent starter for a topic on the laws of indices,’ says Novairah, Math Subject Leader at the International School of Nice, France.


I cover the key terms and laws of indices with the film, then set the accompanying worksheet as a round up for homework. Geometric sequences and exponential functions are tackled with other topics. However, the questions on this topic are challenging enough for further learning.’


For the IB Standard or High Level Class

‘The characters in the Emperor’s Chess Board short film provide a good starting point for discussion and it brings in an international dimension before a lesson on “Exponential Functions & their transformations”. Usually students come up with very interesting and quirky remarks that spark good interest in the lesson.


The worksheet can be used wholly or partially as a diagnostic skills test. However, the content covered is more advanced. For a high level class, I often use a Twig film in the middle of the lesson, to emphasise a point or to point out the historical importance related to the topic that they are studying.’


Use Twig to Teach Theory of Knowledge at IGCSE

‘For IB classes in particular (and IGCSE / middle school in general) Twig films are excellent for Theory of Knowledge, especially the “proof” section. Not only in “History of Math” but also in other topics, there are films that align quite well to the “International Mindedness” aspect of the IB learners’ profile and pertain to a given topic (like Calculus & Newton) at the same time. The use of lesson plans and worksheets remain a choice of the teacher.


To introduce project work or investigation questions, film and worksheets like “Menger Sponge ” or “Bees and their Hives” can be used. The worksheet and lesson plan can be used completely or partially for different levels.’


Why Twig?

‘Twig is definitely good value for money, especially if teachers are looking at innovative ways to facilitate the learning process.In particular, the length of the films and the material covered is appropriate to start a good discussion and lead the student to the next step.


The worksheets have proved to be very useful as they contain basic, core & extended learning. Usually, core students like to try tackling the extended part as well (and having done the basic with ease, build their confidence). The worksheets have been very handy for revision and homework, and the titles of the worksheet are refreshing and remind students of the film.


Twig films are a regular feature in math class rooms at the International School of Nice. They provide a choice of topics across different age groups and levels and are colourful and brilliantly done.’