Staying On Topic: What Is Topical Science?

Topical science is the new buzz word in education. Just one tiny problem – not everyone knows what it is, let alone how to use it. So we thought we would demystify it for you.


Topical science is teaching science using real-world events. It aims to help students make connections between what they learn in the classroom to the events that happen in the real world. Ultimately, it should help students understand the overarching implications of scientific knowledge and help contribute towards it.


So how can you use this is the classroom?

A typical STEM lesson usually involves four basic steps:

  • Identify a real-world problem.
  • Ask questions to explore the problem (and potentially solve the problem).
  • Develop solutions.
  • Explore a hands-on activity.

Let’s put that into context. Say you want to teach a lesson on Global Warming:

  1. Start the lesson with a Twig film like The Global Warming Debate: Part 1
  2. Open up discussion in the class using news events such as;
  3. Then, divide up the class and task them with coming up with solutions to the problem (things like growing more plants).
  4. Finally, another class could be dedicated to a hands-on activity. This could be anything from taking the class on a field trip to assigning every student to plant a small sapling.

Alternatively, you could always open the class with a real-life event and cement understand with a Twig film!

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Ever wondered how a Twig or Tigtag film gets made?

Everyone here at Twig is a little bit of a perfectionist. This means every Twig and Tigtag film is a labour of research, dedication and hard work. It also means making our short films can be a long story, but here’s the short version.


Research, search and write

Every film begins with extensive curriculum research, following that it’s straight to the archives to source exclusive footage. Think BBC Motion Gallery, NHK (Japan), CBS (USA), ABC (Australia), CCTV (China), Getty Images, the Science Photo Library and NASA.


Then it’s off to the writers who write our amazing scripts.


Edit, add and record

Our executive producers get down to edit, edit and edit the rough footage (told you we are perfectionists), then we add the texts and graphics. Finally the sound and voiceover is recorded (and edited, of course).


But wait, we’re not done yet …


Because we cater to different countries, we also create several different versions of each film, complete with translated text and voiceover.


Each film is then tagged curriculum, topic and keyword wise so searching for the right film is a breeze. Then our tech experts code each film so that it can be viewed anywhere on any network in any version of our website.


And Voila! We give you the perfect digital educational film.


Log in now to watch the final video.


Want to know more? Read the step by step guide or simply get in touch.

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Hot off the press! Twig are Bett Awards 2017 Finalists

We recently mentioned that we had entered the Bett Awards in the hopes of adding a 2017 winner’s logo to our collection.


We are delighted to say, we have been announced as a finalist for the categories ‘ICT Company of the Year (£3m +)’ and ‘International Digital Education Resource’.


You can find all the finalists here, with the winners of each category announced at the Bett 2017 Awards Ceremony taking place on 25th January.


Wish us luck!

Welcome back!

It has been a while since we have posted on our blog and it’s not for lack of trying! We’ve been busy bees behind the scenes here at Twig and here are just of a few of the things that have been going on (and a few sneak peeks of what is coming up):


  • EdTechXAsia
    We will be flying off to Singapore very soon to join the EdTech Elite from around the world. Our very own Anthony Bouchier will be joining a panel to discussWhy Technology in the Classroom is Failing. Keep an eye out for more soon!


  • Bett awards
    It’s that time of year again and we’ve entered the Bett awards in the hopes of adding a 2016 winners logo to our collection. Fingers crossed!


  • Reach Out CPD
    In partnership with Imperial, our CPD programme has been going from strength to strength. More specifically, we’ve been working on a new re-freshed website to include comment boxes, better visibility of progress through the courses, and enhanced delivery on mobiles. If you are interested in connecting with the community, you can join our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter or Pinterest.


  • How To Guides
    Keep an eye out on our social media pages as we will be publishing some new how to guides to make sure that all the features of Twig and Tigtag are as easy to use as we’ve always wanted.


  • Google Expeditions
    Perhaps saving the best until last, we have been partnering with Google for Education on Google Expeditions. There are lots of exciting things going on, you can readmore about it in our blog post.


As always, we are really keen to know your thoughts and feedback on Twig, Tigtag and Tigtag Junior. If there are any specific topics you would like to hear about ,do let us know.


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