Twig Science January 2022 Newsletter

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We often cast intentions into the universe, waiting for the right moment to reel bright opportunities into our reach. Well, this is that moment—opportunities for learning are right in front of us! Let’s explore some of them together.

Article: Maintaining Student Motivation

January marks the midpoint in the school year. To maintain student engagement and start that gradual release of learning to students, consider some of the motivational ideas in this article by Judy Willis based on neuroscience research:

Science Spotlight: Webb Space Telescope Feed

There’s a new telescope orbiting in space, enhancing our reach into the stars: the James Webb Space Telescope. But who was James Webb? As NASA’s second administrator, he advanced space exploration and science during his tenure, overseeing the Apollo missions and the first moon visit. Share his legacy and the exciting Webb Telescope feed with your students by going to

Did You Know: Twig Science Next Gen Middle School Platform Tour

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Twig Science Next Gen middle school platform! It gives Grade 6–8 students opportunities to take on dozens of inspiring scientist roles, including volcanologists and documentary filmmakers. Check out this short video tour of the new platform to learn more: Twig Science Next Gen Tutorial Video

Getting to Know 3-D Science: What Are Science and Engineering Practices?

Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) are a foundational component of three-dimensional learning. They are what students DO—the action steps students take that mirror the work of real scientists and engineers. You’ll also notice that the SEPs run parallel to the Standards for Mathematical Practice—cross-curricular connections abound!  As we embark on this new year, take a moment to solidify your own understanding of the SEPs.

Video link: What are Science and Engineering Practices? 

Tips and Tricks: Using Twig Coach Assign and Go

As districts toggle between in-person and remote learning, preparing for instruction can be difficult. Don’t worry—Twig Science has you covered! Twig Coach Assign and Go lessons are ready to use at the click of a button. It’s that easy. Watch this brief video to learn more.

Video link: Using Twig Coach Assign and Go

User Highlights: Writing Poetry

This shared writing assignment was an ELA extension activity using the learning from the Grade 1 Twig Science module Patterns in the Sky. The class used the informational text to write a poem, and then, to reinforce their phonics skills, they annotated the text and circled sounds they’d learned. What a great way to use those cross-curricular connections in science to integrate ELA and connect informational text!

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Ciencia de actualidad: Enero 2022

Año nuevo, vida nueva. Estamos entusiasmados de comenzar otro año con vosotros, compartiendo como siempre el mejor contenido de ciencias. Nuestro objetivo es compartir contenido científico de calidad con la mayor cantidad de alumnos posible. Como parte de este propósito, continuaremos compartiendo contenido de actualidad cada mes. ¡Echemos un vistazo a lo que se viene este enero!

Sábado, 8 de enero

Día de la Rotación Terrestre

La Tierra gira todos los días y le lleva 24 horas, así que técnicamente todos los días son el día de la rotación de la Tierra pero, ¡es en este día que se celebra!

Aprende más

Domingo, 9 de enero

Día Mundial de la electricidad estática

El Día de la Electricidad estática nos anima a aprender más sobre este extraño tipo de electricidad. Probablemente todos lo hemos experienciado, ¿pero qué es exactamente? Descúbrelo.

Viernes, 14 de enero

Día Mundial de la Lógica

Los ingenieros utilizan la lógica para solucionar problemas. Por ejemplo, para poder predecir terremotos y salvar miles de vidas. Descubre más.

Jueves, 20 de enero

Día de la Concienciación por los Pingüinos

Esta fecha fue propuesta para concienciar sobre el cuidado y la protección de estas aves. Algunas de las especies de estos animales está a punto de desaparecer por causa de la actividad del ser humano, pero aún estamos a tiempo de preservar su hogar. ¿Sabías que el hábitat natural de los pingüinos es la Antártida? Descubre más.

Lunes, 24 de enero

Día Internacional de la Educación

Las Naciones Unidas proclamaron esta fecha para celebrar la importancia de la educación.

La educación es la mayor herramienta dela humanidad ya que puede buscar soluciones a problemas, y mejorar la vida en la Tierra. Aprende más.

Viernes, 28 de enero

Día Mundial de Acción frente al Calentamiento Terrestre

El Día Mundial de Acción frente al Calentamiento Terrestre, también llamado Día Mundial por la Reducción de las Emisiones de CO2, busca generar conciencia sobre el daño causado al medio ambiente por el cambio climático. Aprende más.

5 New Years Resolutions for Teachers

As the new year rolls around, it’s natural that we all start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. A chance for a fresh start and revitalized energy. Unfortunately, we can all be guilty of setting resolutions that aren’t quite realistic, and while dreams of grand changes for the year ahead can feel inspiring, we can’t always follow through. To help make this year different, here are some more realistic New Year’s resolutions for 2022…

1. Declutter, refresh, and reorganize.

When is there a better time to refresh the classroom, if not in January? You could donate some of your old stuff and get rid of anything broken or completely worn out. Reorganize your files and ask yourself what you really need to keep. You don’t need to do it all in a day—try to set yourself a task one week, another the next, and perhaps take advantage of the post-holiday sales to buy some new storage. You’ll be surprised at how much an organized space can positively affect your mindset.

2. Drink enough water, and make time for a proper lunch!

We commend teachers for always putting their students’ needs first, but to be at your best you also need to take care of your own needs. We know that you’re busy, and some days it can be hard to find time to even go to the toilet, but staying hydrated keeps us healthy and helps your body work better.

It’s recommended that adults drink 2 (yes, 2!) liters of water per day. To help you get closer to this goal, why not set an alarm or buy a bottle with time markings to remind you to take a few extra sips of water than you usually would.

You also need fuel in your tank for it to run, so if you struggle to make time for a hearty lunch during your working day, why not set the goal of starting your day with a good breakfast and make sure you have your favorite snacks at hand for when you do get the chance to take a break.

3. Silence the inner critic.

That little voice at the back of your head nitpicking at everything you do… tell it to be quiet. We criticize ourselves far too easily and often expect absolute perfection, but it just isn’t realistic. You don’t need to be perfect all of the time (or even any of the time)—you’re allowed to make mistakes or have a bad day and know that you’re still a great teacher. Be kind to yourself!

4. Celebrate the little moments.

Celebrating the little moments—yours and your students—is so important. Sure, it’s great when we have an important observation, and it goes spectacularly, but what about those every day aha! moments? A student understands that tricky concept they’ve been struggling with, or—and it really can be as small as this—you managed to finish your morning coffee while it was still hot! Celebrate all of those moments because they’re all worthy of celebration.

5. Remind yourself often why you became a teacher.

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the stress of being a teacher and lose the passion and drive that motivated you to teach in the first place. Why not try writing down all of the reasons you became a teacher in the first place or make a note of things that make you smile in the classroom. Find any way to remind yourself why you started and what inspires you to keep going.

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