3 Ways Twig Distance Learning Makes Back-to-School Easier for Your Child

We created Twig Distance Learning to be a comprehensive, exciting program that takes on the challenges of these unprecedented times. There are lots of cool features that help to make the Twig Distance Learning a great way for kids to develop the sense of wonder and achievement that will set them up for a lifetime of STEM success. Here are just three of the ways Twig Distance Learning does this:

1. Synchronous/Asynchronous Distance Learning

Many of the distance learning resources available up until now were stopgap solutions. They help keep students learning something, which is important, but they’re no replacement for in-class instruction.

The new Twig Science Distance Learning, however, is a high-quality, standards-based program unlike anything anyone’s seen before. It finally makes it possible to achieve a quality and depth of instruction equivalent to the classroom experience.

Twig Distance Learning does this by combining synchronous and asynchronous learning. These sounds like complex terms, but really they’re quite straightforward. Synchronous learning is when teachers and students take part at the same time, such as when the teacher is presenting a lesson on Zoom. This is fine, and closer to the traditional classroom model, but synchronous learning needs everyone to be available at the same time, which isn’t always possible. Technical challenges can also get in the way.

Asynchronous is a more flexible approach. Teachers don’t need to be virtually present when students complete lessons and work—they can assign content later that students can work through at their own pace. This feature of asynchronous learning is actually really empowering, giving all students greater freedom to guide their own progress.

Twig Distance Learning incorporates both synchronous and asynchronous models, so you really have the best of both formats.

2. Twig Coaches

Twig Coaches make up a team of virtual teachers who appear in bite-sized studio-quality coaching videos. They’re all experienced teachers, who specialize in teaching science at particular grades.

The lessons Twig Coaches present are designed to fit right into your child’s full program of science learning—they’re not bonus lessons to fill in when your child’s teacher is not available. They hit exactly the same learning standards as the teacher would be expected to cover in the classroom. Likewise, they’re not simply presenter-led videos that your child passively watches—Twig Coaches encourage participation and engagement!

3. Video Labs

Twig Distance Learning Video Labs allow students to take part in experiments from home, which helps to support the teaching of hands-on science—a crucial part of getting students engaged in science.

Every Video Lab is carried out by Twig Scientist Noby, who’s an engaging scientists and media presenter. All of the experiments are shot in HD from start to finish in the Twig Science studio.

Video Labs can be used as an aid to enable students to view hands-on lab work they’re unable to complete themselves, or they can also be used as a refresher.

Just as with the Twig Coach videos, Video Labs aren’t just random fun experiments. They’re carefully designed to teach important standards as stepping stones on your child’s path to STEM success at school and, much later, college and career.

We’re rolling out trials of Twig Distance Learning right now—so get in touch with your child’s school to encourage it to apply to try out the entire program.

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