5 Ways Twig Science South Carolina Makes Your Life Easier

From the start, we designed Twig Science South Carolina to be a pleasure to use, from its clear, colorful design to the straightforward navigation between lessons. There are lots of cool features that help to make the Twig Science South Carolina experience feel streamlined and effortless, and we’re adding more all the time—many at the request of teachers using Twig Science South Carolina right now.

Here are some you may not know about…

1. Breaking Down SCCCR Science Standards

Twig Science South Carolina was designed from the ground up for three-dimensional SCCCR Science Standards framework. We’ve built it in such a way that teachers don’t even have to think about the standards, if they don’t want to. As you teach the program, every standard is broken down into clear, achievable learning goals that you cover as you proceed through the lessons and assessment. You don’t need to worry about covering every Performance Expectation—the alignment is built into the program, which ensures that every student hits all of their three-dimensional targets, from Science and Engineering Practices to Disciplinary Core Ideas to Crosscutting Concepts.

 Find out more about how Twig Science South Carolina supports your SCCCR Science Standards adventure by reading the program overview here.

2. Twig Coach and Video Labs

Bite-sized video lessons and lab sessions bring highly engaging phenomena through high-quality in-class or remote STEAM investigations—fully aligned to the SCCCR Science Standards. Features include:

  • On-demand instruction with Twig Coach video lesson
  • Virtual hands-on video labs
  • Flexible instructional uses for in-person or hybrid classroom settings

Hands-on science lab videos allow students to take part in experiments from home, to support the teaching of hands-on science.

Find out more about Twig Coach Assign and GO video lessons here

3. Digital Twig Book

One of the Twig Science South Carolina features we’re most proud of is the Digital Twig Book. This allows students to fill in answers directly into their own personal workbooks on their computers or tablets. You can view any of your students’ individual Digital Twig Books to see their work, and you also have a version of your own—called “My Copy”—which you can add your own notes and answers to.

These features mean that the Digital Twig Book can be used as a streamlined, all-in-one version of the program. You can even teach straight from it. Alternatively, combined with the great new hybrid learning features described below, the Digital Twig Book makes a flexible independent study tool.

Accessing the Digital Twig Book couldn’t be easier. In any lesson, click on “Twig Book” and select “Digital.”

Find out more about sharing Digital Twig Book lessons with your class by clicking here.

4. Presentation View

Twig Science South Carolina features a fantastic way to control all the events and assets that make up a lesson in one easy-to-use view—it’s called Presentation View. This feature can be used in a classroom or via distance learning through screen sharing, and it gives you a way of presenting assets to your students so that they have maximum visual impact. There’s no clutter—the students see what they need to see and nothing way. It gives you an easy way to navigate through all digital assets that belong to a lesson, enabling you to teach the lesson quickly without needing to wade through instructions.

Presenting a Twig Science South Carolina lesson is really straightforward. Simply navigate to the lesson you want to teach, then click the “Present Lesson” button:

Alternatively, click the “Present” button on any asset thumbnail:

To learn more about presenting lessons in Twig Science South Carolina, click here.

5. Accessibility Features

The accessibility panel provides many features, such as a screen reader and font adjustment controls, to provide a great user experience for all.

These features can be turned on by clicking the accessibility button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

A pop up panel will appear, giving you access to a screen reader and the ability to change many aspects of the site.

Read more about Twig Science South Carolina accessibility features—click here.

To implement Twig Science South Carolina’s range of ease-of-use tools in your school or district, get in touch today.

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