Apple For Education

There have been some interesting articles documenting the future of Apple’s rise in Education.


EdTech consultants 9ine published this blog post about Apple’s new features on its iOS platform, supporting iPads, iPhones and iPods. The update contains the following tools for education:


The introduction of Shared iPads will accommodate schools that are unable to operate a one iPad per pupil ratio. Students will have their own ID number and be able to log in to any iPad to see their stored documents, books or apps.


A classroom app has also been introduced, allowing the teacher to control the devices for guided learning (much like Smart Amp or ClassFlow), overview what their students are doing, or lock devices into a particular app to prevent unwanted browsing.


Finally, the new Apple School Manager will allow the IT department greater autonomy of settings, enrolment and required apps without the previously cumbersome time commitment.


Find out more at Mac Rumours and iMore.

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