Coronavirus: Updates from Imperial College London

Coronavirus: Updates from Imperial College London

A digital image showing a microscopic rendering of the coronavirus.

Scientists at Imperial College London—one of the world’s leading universities and partner with Twig Education—are racing to develop a vaccine for coronavirus.

Imperial is putting out regular reports on the progress, which can be found on its website:

Below, we link to some of the latest updates.

Pictures from the Imperial lab working on a COVID-19 vaccine

Dozens of Imperial scientists are racing to try to create a vaccine to put a stop to the spread of the coronavirus. They hope to get a vaccine ready for clinical trial in the summer. They recently shared photos of their work so far.

See the photos

Modeling the spread of the coronavirus

Researchers from Imperial use modeling to analyze how the coronavirus will spread based on possible different public health measures. This analysis plays a big part in influencing the policies of the UK government.

Read about modeling and public health measures

Report says public washing hands but not keeping their distance

Imperial’s COVID-19 response team have reported that while most people are following advice to wash their hands more regularly, not enough have been avoiding crowded areas and social events.

Read the report

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