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For 10 years, Twig Education’s products and services have been revolutionizing classrooms around the world. Our renowned skills in content creation are matched only by our accomplishments in innovative product development, and we are committed to delivering the quality of learning environments expected by digital natives and modern classrooms. Twig brings real-world wonder and understanding into education. 

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Wondering why we’re called Twig? Watch the video below to find out why… We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

Twig Science Next Gen

Over the last few years, thousands of students and teachers across the US have begun an adventure with Twig Science Next Gen, our complete PreK–8 science program based on the NRC Framework and the NGSS. Throughout the program, students learn about state-specific and worldwide phenomena, while thinking and working like scientists and engineers. Discover more…

Twig Science Next Gen’s unique narrative approach makes every module an adventure, as students become earthquake engineers, astronomers, Hollywood special-effects artists, and much more. Get a taste by watching our Grade Trailers.

Twig Science Next Gen scores highly on NGSS-based rubrics such as the NextGen TIME Paperscreen evaluation. To find out more about how Twig Science Next Gen’s instructional design matches the NGSS, review our Evaluation Rubric videos on Foundations, Student Work, Student Progress, and Teacher Support

In addition to the NGSS-aligned Twig Science Next Gen product, there are some state iterations of Twig Science as well as correlations available for many states. One of the first state standards-aligned programs was Twig Science, built for the CA NGSS.

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Twig Secondary

Are you teaching older students? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. With Twig Secondary, you get access to over 1,500 short films that cover all Disciplinary Core Ideas of the NGSS, plus thousands of diagrams and images for classroom use and multiple-choice questions for every topic. Watch this playlist to get a taste.

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