Podcast Episode 2: Twig Education On… Digital Storytelling

In episode 2 of Twig Education On…, Lisa Larsgaard talks to Michael Hernandez, an award-winning cinema and broadcast journalism educator. They discuss how video creation in the classroom (and outside of it) can empower students to become digital storytellers, equipping them with transferable skills they can use in future careers. Hit the play button above to start listening!

Michael Hernandez is an author, teacher, and conference speaker who specializes in film production and digital storytelling.

His awards include Apple Distinguished Educator, Google For Education Certified Innovator, PBS Digital Innovator, and JEA National Broadcast Adviser of the Year.

Twig Create is an easy-to-use video-making experience for K–12 that gives students the chance to explore their creativity and build vocabulary and knowledge across all subject areas. Students actively engage in reading, writing, listening, and speaking through video-making experiences, accelerating progress toward language proficiency. Ready-made media templates activate engagement in any subject area as students build knowledge and digital literacy.

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