Ever wondered how a Twig or Tigtag film gets made?

Everyone here at Twig is a little bit of a perfectionist. This means every Twig and Tigtag film is a labour of research, dedication and hard work. It also means making our short films can be a long story, but here’s the short version.


Research, search and write

Every film begins with extensive curriculum research, following that it’s straight to the archives to source exclusive footage. Think BBC Motion Gallery, NHK (Japan), CBS (USA), ABC (Australia), CCTV (China), Getty Images, the Science Photo Library and NASA.


Then it’s off to the writers who write our amazing scripts.


Edit, add and record

Our executive producers get down to edit, edit and edit the rough footage (told you we are perfectionists), then we add the texts and graphics. Finally the sound and voiceover is recorded (and edited, of course).


But wait, we’re not done yet …


Because we cater to different countries, we also create several different versions of each film, complete with translated text and voiceover.


Each film is then tagged curriculum, topic and keyword wise so searching for the right film is a breeze. Then our tech experts code each film so that it can be viewed anywhere on any network in any version of our website.


And Voila! We give you the perfect digital educational film.


Log in now to watch the final video.


Want to know more? Read the step by step guide or simply get in touch.

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