Introducing a new film page view for students

Film pages on Twig offer great related resources to help teachers, including classroom visuals, topic handouts and learning materials to use in the classroom. But these aren’t always relevant to students logging on.


Students benefit from resources that will help them understand topics and support their learning.


From next month, we are introducing a brand new Science and Earth Science film page view for students.


In place of teaching materials, they will see new content that helps reinforce what they have learnt in the film. The student view contains:


Key points to reinforce core concepts.


key points for blog

Fun facts to consolidate students’ learning.

facts for blog

And quizzes to make sure they’ve understood everything!

quizzes for blog


Teachers logging in can use the tabs underneath the film player to switch between the teacher and student views.

student teacher


To access the new film page view, students must log in using a student account. For information on setting up student accounts, simply email your account manager or contact us.

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