Podcast Episode 4: Twig Education on… 3-D Science

In episode 4 of Twig Education On…, Dr. Kim Mueller talks to Lauren Stoll, an assessment and curriculum designer for Stanford’s SCALE (The Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity) team. Listen as they discuss the partnership between Twig Science and the SCALE team, 3-D science standards, and what it really means to take a student-centered approach when teaching science. Just click the play button above!

Twig Science is a phenomena-based science program for TK/Pre-K to Grade 6, built for 3-D science standards such as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). When developing the Twig Science program, Twig partnered with Stanford’s SCALE team to develop engaging and reliable assessment in which students demonstrate thinking, knowledge, and practices to unpack phenomena and solve design challenges.

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