Science Activities Using Easy-to-Find Resources

As educators, we make sure our students keep actively learning, regardless of whether they’re learning from home or in-school. 

Hands-on activities are perfect for encouraging students to really get involved. Experiments and activities allow students to think and work like scientists and engineers as they figure out problems and learn how scientific concepts actually apply to real-world situations.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve collated lots of fun science activities that can be done at home as part of a student’s remote learning activities, or in-class as a fun group project. All of these activities use items that are super easy to find, many of which you’ll probably already have lying around the house!

Just click one of the images below to get the full instructions. Happy investigating!

For more investigations and experiments, learn more about our fantastic science resources below:


Twig Science (TK/PK to Grade 6)

Rest of the world

Twig (ages 11–16)

Tigtag (ages 7–11)

Tigtag Junior (ages 4–7)

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