Science, Math, and Geography for ages 4–16

Want to discover our award-winning STEM resources for ages 4–16? Head over to each product’s website to request a free trial, and have a look below for a taster of our amazing video content—available in a range of different languages, such as Standard and Simplified English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and French.

Twig is our resource for ages 11–16, containing 1,000+ award-winning, 3-minute videos, supported by hundreds of lesson plans, visuals, and other classroom resources.

“Twig is fantastic – I use it most days in my lessons.”

Linda, Biology and Science Teacher

“Twig is hands-down by #1 favourite and most valued teaching resource.”

Kristen, MS Science Teacher

Tigtag contains engaging videos, visual resources, lesson plans, and quizzes that simplify science content for ages 7–11.  

Tigtag CLIL has all the features and benefits of Tigtag, plus a wide range of language support materials to help with English language instruction.

“Superb quality of videos and resources”

Neil, Head of Science

“It is interactive, accessible, fun, informative, easy to use and all children enjoy it a great deal.”

Corina, Science Lead

Tigtag Junior is aimed at ages 4–7 and is a complete online resource for younger children, introducing foundational science through videos, games, and activities.

“The videos are extremely good. The lesson ideas and visuals are also helpful.”

Claire, Science Teacher

“I find Tigtag to be the best resource in the market.”

Rosavelia, Math and Science Teacher
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