Topical Science—November 2021

This year has flown by, and we’ve already reached November. The days are getting darker and colder… at least in the Northern Hemisphere! Thankfully, we’ve got lots of fascinating science content to inspire your class. Below, we’ve collated some notable days of this month, along with related topical science videos and articles. Let’s dive right in.

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Friday, November 5

World Tsunami Day

World Tsunami Day encourages countries and communities to develop strategies for coping with tsunamis, with the aim to reduce the damage when they happen. Find out more about tsunamis:

Saturday, November 6

National Bison Day

Did you know that the bison is the largest land mammal in North America? It’s also the official National Mammal of the US. Bisons live on temperate grasslands, which they share with various other animals. Find out more about temperate grasslands:

Sunday, November 8

National STEM/STEAM Day

National STEM/STEAM Day inspires kids to explore STEM subjects and encourages them to pursue these subjects both in school and in their future careers. We’ve collated 10 exciting STEM careers to get your students excited: Discover now.

November 15-19

Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week was first introduced by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, with the aim to encourage people (especially young people) to study geography. This week, why not learn more about time zones? Watch now.

Wednesday, November 10

World Science Day for Peace and Development

World Science Day for Peace and Development highlights the importance of involving the wider public in discussions about scientific issues—including younger people! The recent NGSS Framework has changed how science is taught in schools in the US. Theoretical physicist Helen Quinn chaired the National Research Council committee that created A Framework for K–12 Science Education—the foundation of the NGSS. In this blog post, Twig Education CEO Catherine Cahn speaks to Helen Quinn about the importance of science education: Learn more.

Sunday, November 14

World Diabetes Day

Diabetes has become increasingly common around the world—in 2014, 422 million adults lived with the condition, compared to just 108 million in 1980. Find out more about diabetes and how it’s treated in this video:

Sunday, November 15

America Recycles Day

On this day, people across America are encouraged to learn more about the importance of recycling, with the hope that more people will get into the habit of recycling daily. But even more important than recycling is reducing and reusing. Find out more about the three Rs:

Saturday, November 20

World Children’s Day

World Children’s Day is a UN observance day that has been celebrated since 1954, with the aim to improve children’s welfare worldwide. On this day, why not find out more about how children’s brains develop, and how they learn to recognize themselves in a mirror?

Wednesday, November 24

The Origin of Species

On this day in 1859 “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” by Charles Darwin was published. Charles Darwin was a British scientist whose theory of evolution changed the world! Find out more.

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