Twig in Top Six EdTech Companies in Europe, says IBIS

This week IBIS Capital published their European Top 20; a shortlist of ‘fastest growing’ and most ‘innovative companies’ in Europe.


Twig World ranked in the top six overall (indicated by the blue colour coding above), coming in ahead of competitors such as GCSEPod and Brightwave.


The 20 companies were selected from nine different countries by IBIS Capital, specialists in investment and corporate finance. The selected companies had a growth between 13% and 934% last year and exhibited significant innovative flair.IBIS Capital have strong focus on digital media in the education and health sectors and are also responsible for launching the event EdTech Europe, which will take place in London 2016, now in its fourth year.


Of course, Twig in association with Imperial College London have created their own global educational event, World Teach In which delivers interactive STEM CPD to primary and secondary teachers. Buy your tickets here!

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