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Black history is American history. This is a perfect time to focus on diversity and how it should influence our classroom practices.  

The educator and author Zaretta Hammond writes in her book Culturally Responsive Teaching and The Brain, “Culturally responsive teaching is a mindset… thinking about organizing instruction to allow for greater flexibility in teaching.” 

In this issue, we’ve gathered resources to help you think about diversity and access and equity in new ways.

Professional Learning: Access and Equity

When designing Twig Science, we were very mindful of the importance of bringing three-dimensional learning to every student in order to inspire the scientists and engineers of the 21st century. The Twig Education White Paper on equity and inclusion in the link will give you insights into strategies you can use in your instruction across the subjects you teach.

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Scientist Spotlight: Mae C. Jemison

Mae C. Jemison is both a physician and the first woman of color to go up into space. After her career as a physician serving in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone and Liberia, she decided to pursue a lifelong dream of going into space and conducting research. Read more about her amazing life in our blog post for Black History Month.

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Did You Know? Accessible Assessment

Assessments in Twig Science are enabled to be read aloud to students! Students can access all the questions in the summative assessment by clicking on the listen control above each question. Check it out for yourself—go to the Assessment Center in Twig Science and choose a summative assessment, then open the preview and see how this makes the assessment accessible for your students.

Getting to Know 3-D Science: Explore Science and Engineering Practices

Science and Engineering Practices can be thought of as the verbs of 3-D science: the doing statements. This article from the resources section of the Twig Science platform will give you valuable information about how the SEPs are built right into your planning and lessons and enrich science instruction.

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Tips and Tricks: Language Acquisition

Looking for every student to engage in meaningful academic conversation? Strategic vocabulary instruction will fill your classroom with productive chatter while deepening students’ conceptual understanding of phenomena. Check out this brief video to see how you can access word wall cards, language routine resources, and more!

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User Highlights: Hybrid Lessons

Chris Borjas, the host of our Twig Teachers Facebook page, recently sat down with Caroline Digman from San Juan Unified School District to find out how she uses Twig’s Assign and Go lessons in a hybrid learning environment. Watch the interview to gather some new ideas for your own classroom.

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