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How often do you see yourself as a facilitator of learning, the sage on the stage? Do you sometimes feel like you are working harder than your students? Tuning into student agency will both lighten your load and invigorate instruction by encouraging student engagement in your classroom. Twig Science has got your back here, providing multiple opportunities throughout the program to encourage student agency.

Learn more about student agency in this article by Sam Cressman from Knowre Blog: article link

Scientist Spotlight: Dr. James P. Comer

Dr. James P. Comer, an academic and researcher in child psychiatry at Yale University, is most notably recognized for his creation of the Comer School Development Program (SDP). At its core, SDP emphasizes the importance of positive relationships in building meaningful classroom cultures. Beyond his work in education, Dr. Comer is also a writer of books and articles. He states it best when he says, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.”

Read more about the Comer School Development Program: article link

Read more about Dr. James Comer: article link

Dr. James P. Comer

Did You Know: Text to Speech in the Digital Twig Book

Twig Science digital Twig Books can read slides to your students—just click on the listen icon at the top of the digital lesson! This will read lesson content out loud, giving students the opportunity to hear and understand content, breaking down barriers to experiencing science instruction and facilitating more aha! moments.

Watch this brief video to see how it works: video link

Getting to Know the NGSS: 3-D Assessment

Twig Science has all the assessments you need to assess and monitor student progress as our budding scientists experience unforgettable aha! moments. Watch a 3-minute video presenting the complete assessment suite developed in partnership with the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE).

Video link

Tips and Tricks: Teacher Provided Materials List

Did you know how easy it is to view the Teacher Provided Materials list in the Twig Science digital platform. Watch the video to see how.

Video link

User Highlights: The 3-D Classroom

Recently, we sat down with Annette Huett, the Science Specialist for Oklahoma City Public Schools, to find out how she has successfully brought three-dimensional science instruction into classrooms. She shares her secret sauce on what the 3-D classroom should look like in this exclusive Twig Lounge presentation. 

Check out the video: video link

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