Twig Secondary: Award-winning STEM videos for your secondary students

We know that many teachers spend a lot of time sourcing appropriate STEM videos to use in the classroom—valuable time that could be spent on other tasks. That’s why our goal is to provide teachers of all grade levels with standards-aligned, age-appropriate, and engaging video content and lesson materials. 

Twig Secondary is our award-winning online resource for ages 11–16, containing thousands of STEM videos, activities, and supportive learning materials. Twig Secondary videos are perfect for making your science lessons more exciting, while allowing you to connect STEM topics to the real world. Let’s find out more:

High-quality videos

Twig Secondary videos use high-quality footage from reputed sources such as NASA and the BBC, and are edited by our experienced in-house production team. There are four types of Twig Secondary videos:

  • Curriculum videos cover key learning points from international curricula.
  • Context videos ground scientific concepts in real-world phenomena.
  • Science glossary videos act as a visual glossary of science terminology.
  • Experiment videos take students through hands-on experiments, from set-up to analysis.

These videos can be peppered throughout your lesson plans to improve engagement, or can be assigned to your students for them to watch in their own time.

View by standard or subject

You can explore videos either through our Standards view tool to find the right videos and learning materials for your lesson, or using the Twig Secondary Mindmap, which is organized into subjects, modules and topics. The unique design of the Mindmap makes it a great tool for showing your students the depth and breadth of a subject, and to illustrate how topics relate to one another. 

Teacher support and learning materials

Every video comes with extension activities, worksheets, diagrams, classroom images, multiple choice quizzes, key learning points, and review sheets. These support materials can be used together to form a full lesson, or you can cherry-pick what you need and add to your existing lesson plan. 

Student assignments

The Twig Secondary assignment feature allows you to save valuable teaching time. You can easily assign films and quizzes for your students to watch and complete before attending their lesson, saving valuable face-to-face time for discussion and extension activities. This function is especially helpful in a distance learning environment when teaching time is even more precious. 

Multilingual support

Twig Secondary videos all come with voiceovers and captions in several languages, including Standard and Simplified English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Portuguese, and Spanish, allowing you to support your bilingual students and your English learners. 

Twig Newsdesk

The Newsdesk is updated regularly with articles about current science events, and means that you can connect your students’ learning to topical news stories from the world of science.

Want a taster? Watch some example videos now:

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