Twigging on to Educational Excellence

The Bangkok Post has published an article on Twig’s successful SIP pilot in Malaysia and our increased usage in Thailand.


Tawan Theva-Aksorn, CEO of Aksorn Group, said that Aksorn’s alliance with Twig is just part of its attempt to transform the traditional, silent Thai classroom into a ‘classroom of the 21st century’, one that nurtures and instills in its students the virtues of creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.


Anthony Bouchier, founder and CEO of Twig World agreed on the need for this. ‘If you look around the world, the best teaching practice is one of organised chaos! You allow students moments of activity and noise, but you also need to be able to sit them down and engage their attention and curiosity. That’s what technology brings them, which is the whole world into their classroom.’


Just last year, Twig saw great success in Malaysia with their STEM Improvement Programme, using Twig’s short films and classroom resources to help students with their understanding of science and higher-order thinking skills (“HOTS”!)


To determine Twig’s effectiveness, the students on the Programme were tested in PISA-style tests against peer groups who had not completed the Programme. The scores of students using Twig’s STEM Programme were not only higher than those of their peers, but they showed a marked improvement. 87% of the students in the Programme reported a better understanding of the concepts being taught, and all 100% of the teachers reported improvement in their understanding of both the PISA exam and their science teaching. Twig is now available in over 70 countries, and used in over 100,000 schools around the world.


Read the full article at the Bangkok Post.


Pictured: Tawan Theva-Aksorn, CEO of Aksorn Group with Anthony Bouchier, CEO of Twig World Ltd.

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