CARES Act Funding for High-Quality Distance Learning

You’ve likely heard about the emergency relief fund created by the federal government through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This provides a total of $2 trillion emergency funding to mitigate the economic and public health consequences of COVID-19.

Part of this funding will enable K–12 schools to deal with issues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic—around $13.2 billion in funding has been specifically allocated to Grades K–12. This funding will help districts to negotiate the challenges associated with the switch to long-term distance learning. 

Details of state allocation for this funding can be viewed here. The funding will be distributed to Districts according to their Title I allocation. There is a wide range of purposes towards which these funds can be put to use. However, in terms of education technology, these are some of the main intended uses:

  • Managing and coordinating long-term remote learning, including ensuring all students have the resources they need to receive virtual instruction
  • Addressing the needs of at-risk students, including English Learners, students with special needs, ethnic minority students, etc.
  • Purchasing educational technology (including hardware, software, and programs) to facilitate regular, substantive interaction between instructors and students
  • Purchasing assistive technology or adaptive equipment for students with disabilities

Currently, no funding has been distributed. The US Department of Education has 30 days to respond to applications for funds, which must be spent by September 30, 2021, or returned to the federal government. 

Any funding your district or school receives can be applied towards a comprehensive distance learning solution such as Twig Science Next Gen Distance Learning. The advantage of a high-quality, standards-based program like Twig Science Next Gen Distance Learning is that it goes way beyond some of the stopgap, supplemental options that teachers had to rely on in the initial period of remote instruction. It’s finally possible to achieve through distance learning a quality and depth of instruction equivalent to the classroom experience. Key features include:

  • Rich, high-quality videos, visuals, and interactives for genuine engagement away from the classroom
  • Comprehensive coverage of 3-D science standards
  • Cross-curricular applications: Arts, Math, ELA
  • Opportunities to differentiate for ELL, SPED, on-level, and advanced students
  • On-demand lessons with a virtual coach

To discuss how Twig Science Next Gen Distance Learning can help you make great use of CARES Act funding—or to request a live demonstration or educator referral—get in touch today

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