Sales and Operation Manager

Posted: 5th August, 2020

Beijing, China

About Twig Education

Twig Education is a multi-award-winning education company specializing in short films and media-rich instructional materials and curriculum solutions for K-12 learning. We create vibrant learning resources that turn fun into understanding. We accelerate learning for kids by adding the magic that brings it to life. Available in over 60 countries, translatable into any language, our content is used around the world to deliver engaging multimedia STEM learning experiences. 

At Twig Education we’re passionate about our products and the future of STEM education. For over 10 years, our products and services have been revolutionizing classrooms around the world. Our renowned skills in content creation are matched only by our accomplishments in innovative product development. 

To drive Twig’s success to new heights, the leadership team are now looking to establish a China based team. This role has been created to support sales and operation in China. It is a fantastic opportunity for an ambitious person who is passionate about education.

Main Responsibilities:
  • Assist the China Rep to achieve the sales target;
    • Analyze the existing market and customers, find the potential needs of customers, guide the existing needs of relevant customers, and achieve sales goals;
    • According to the characteristics of customer needs, provide customers with the best product solutions;
    • Responsible for the business negotiations with customers, establish customer relationship, increase the contract amount and profit margin;
  • Assist the China Rep to manage and train distributors and independent sales
  • Be fully responsible for the follow-up of after-sales work
    • Responsible for coordinating various internal and external resources to deliver products; Solve the problems in the process of project implementation, improve customer satisfaction;
    • Responsible for the monitoring and implementation of the project’s payment collection period, increase the rate of payment;
    • Through customer return visit, understand customer demand and potential demand, in order to improve customer satisfaction, promote customer secondary development;
  • Assist in the operation of the company
    • Responsible for office management, working with finance company, HR company, landlord and management company documents, customer information and contract information;
    • Complete the work assigned by the leader.
  • Minimum 3 years working experience in the relevant field.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Be a team player with the ability to positively influence others
  • Paying attention to details
  • Capable of dealing with multi-tasks
  • Bachelor degree
  • Good English proficiency (IELTS6.5 and equivalent) 
  • Self-motivated and determined 
  • Willingness to roll up your sleeves and get things done
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To apply for this role, please contact:

Ms. Lv




Twig Education

Twig Education是一家屡获殊荣的教育公司,专门为K-12学习提供短片和多媒体教学材料及课程解决方案。我们创造充满活力的学习资源,将乐趣转化为理解。我们施展魔法般将学习变得生动以促进孩子学习。我们在世界各地提供引人入胜的多媒体STEM学习体验, 内容在60多个国家和地区使用并可翻译成任何语言。

在Twig Education,我们对自己的产品和STEM教育的未来充满激情。10多年来,我们的产品和服务一直在世界各地的课堂中起着革命性的作用。我们在内容创作方面的知名技能,只有在创新产品开发方面的成就才能与之媲美。

为了进一步推动Twig Education在亚洲地区的发展,领导团队现在正在筹备建立中国的团队。设立该职位是为了支持在中国的销售和运营。对于一个在教育事业充满雄心壮志的人来说,这是一个极好的机会。

  • 协助中国区代表开展销售工作,完成各项销售指标;
    • 对现有市场和客户进行分析,发现客户的潜在需求,引导相关客户的现有需求,达成销售目标;
    • 根据客户需求的特点,为客户提供最优产品解决方案;
    • 负责与客户之间的商务谈判,建立客户关系,提高合同额和利润率;
  • 协助中国区代表管理、培训经销商和销售顾问
  • 全面负责售后工作跟进和客服工作
    • 负责协调各种内部、外部资源交付产品;解决在项目实施过程中出现的问题,提高客户满意度;
    • 负责对项目回款过程的监控和执行,提高回款率;
    • 通过客户回访,了解客户需求及潜在需求,以提高客户满意,促成客户二次开发;
  • 协助公司运营
    • 负责办公室管理,对接财务公司,人事公司,房东以及管理公司文件、客户资料及合同等资料;
    • 完成领导交代的工作
  • 至少3年相关领域的工作经验。
  • 较强的沟通能力
  • 具备积极影响他人的团队精神。
  • 注重细节
  • 能够处理多重任务
  • 大学本科学历
  • 良好的英语水平(IELTS6.5及同等水平)
  • 自我激励和决心
  • 做事有始有终



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