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Did you know that the 2011 British Educational Training and Technology show (Bett) is where Twig first launched its digital content – a humble offering of 250 short videos on chemistry, biology, physics and earth science? You could say our portfolio has grown slightly since then, but Bett has remained a constant throughout the years. That’s why the team were extremely excited to return to this conference after a two-year break due to the pandemic, this time bringing an amazing offering of tools for schools and publishers.

Bett Awards

This year we were thrilled to be finalists for two Bett awards under the following categories:

  1. Primary – Digital Learning Product – Broad Curriculum (Twig Science Next Gen)
  2. International Digital Educational Resource (Twig Science Next Gen)

…unfortunately, the team won’t be bringing any trophies back to Glasgow from Bett this year, but they didn’t let that ruin their fun at the award ceremony on Wednesday night, and celebrated the honour of making it to the shortlist!

It’s the taking part that counts, right?

We’re Still Celebrating!

Don’t feel too disheartened – we have had a LOT of success at Bett in previous years. With the prestige the Bett awards hold in the digital education sector, our five awards to date should certainly not be forgotten!

  1. 2012 – Best Secondary Digital Resource (Twig World)
  2. 2013 – Digital Collections and Resource Banks (Twig World)
  3. 2014 – Primary Digital Content (Tigtag)
  4. 2016 – Best Open Educational Resource (Reach Out CPD)
  5. 2017 – EdTech award for International Digital Education Resource (Tigtag CLIL)

And while the team was in London, they also managed to collect a trophy that Twig was awarded in 2021 – the Assignment Report’s UK Education Industry Company of the Year!

The Assignment Report is the UK’s leading source of education industry news. It described Twig as “a rare example of a UK schools curriculum publisher that has successfully entered the US core curriculum market”.

We Wish You a Merry Twig-mas

Videos of Christmas Past

Take a trip down memory lane to see what our creative team has produced over the years, sending our good tidings all over the world. Another one not to be missed, the famous Twig Mockumentary!

Wishing You a Very Green Christmas!

Christmas can be a decadent time of year. To reduce your waste this festive period, why not check out these six top tips to help cut down on food waste this Christmas or watch this Twig Science Reporter video for tips.

Festive STEM Family Fun

School’s closed and you’re all tucked up in the house trying to keep all germs at bay in the lead up to Christmas? We challenge you and your family to build the most powerful snowball catapult and design the most impressive gingerbread structure, with the help of our free festive resources.

Christmas Recipes

Thanks to everyone who added their favourite tried-and-tested Christmas recipes. Which one will you try this year?

2021 Twig Christmas Megamix

Rock out to this year’s Twig Christmas compilation. What more is there to say… It’s CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAS!

How Twig Science Supports Your Literacy Block

How do you stop your students’ struggles with proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing from holding them back in science class? Want to find ways for students to take what they learn in science and apply them to English Language Arts? How will your English Learners’ accelerated scientific language acquisition help them in the ELPAC?

Twig Science helps you to develop independent and motivated readers/writers when you pair Twig Science in English or Español with your English or Spanish Language Arts approach.

The table below outlines the Twig Science components, benefits, and opportunities for alignment with your literacy block.

Literacy Approach & GroupingTwig Science 
Built-In NGSS Text Types
Instructional Benefit and Opportunities for Transfer
See, Hear, and Read-Aloud
__ Designated ELD

1000s of Videos

• Based on NGSS standards and phenomena

• Building language skills, background knowledge, and vocabulary

• Closed captioning for text tracking and academic vocabulary

• Infographics as context models
Read-AloudsPrior-Knowledge Read-Alouds

Science and Engineering Trade Books
• Background knowledge / academic content vocabulary

• Expert informational text writing models

• A range of inspiring expert scientific writing models
Shared Reading and WritingTwig Books• Applying English Language Arts skills and strategies to hands-on, digital, and reading investigations

• Stanford SCALE Language Routines

• Tier 3 word walls
Small GroupsColorful Leveled Readers with Mini-Lessons
(On-Level, Above-Level, English Learner, Below-Level)
• Close reading strategies to build science content knowledge.

• First and second reads, text-dependent questions, text features, and multiple writing opportunities. 

• Additional informational text leveled reading with a focus on science content standards
Integrated ELDEmerging, Bridging, and Expanding Levels (language acquisition support built into Teacher Edition lessons)• Additional support for English Language Development

• Impactful scaffolds to accelerate English language proficiency.

• Giving students  confidence in speaking, reading, writing, and listening domains
Designated ELDMonitoring English Language Proficiency (ELPAC tasks built into TE)

EL Leveled Reader Lessons
(with text to speech)
• ELPAC-like tasks to accelerate student language proficiency

• Additional support for English Language Development

• Text supports, additional definitions, context clues, special features, labels, and tools
PhonicsLeveled Reader Lessons
(On-Level  in Teacher Edition—Below-Level, English Learner, and Above-Level online)

Stanford SCALE Language Routines
• Decoding support with phonemic awareness, phonics, word study, and fluency

• Enhanced Tier 2 Vocabulary Routines

• Language of Science Routines
Designated ELD
Twig Science Tools
(videos, visuals, games, activities)
• Backmapping to previous grades, standards, performance expectations, and topics

• Closing foundational gaps in language and background knowledge
Independent ReadingTwig Book

Leveled Readers

Twig Science Reporter (weekly science news and sources)

Trade Books
• Additional informational text leveled reading with a focus on science content standards

• Weekly science news updates, fact packs, features, and articles

• Lessons to extend thinking and learning

To explore these opportunities in more detail, visit If you want to discuss Twig Science with your local consultant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Twig Science Reporter in Action

Every Thursday, Twig Science Reporter is delivered to teachers’ inboxes from our very special Twig Science Reporter, Christopher Borjas. This month Christopher caught up with Mrs Canion’s fourth grade class in Puyallup, Washington. Together they watched their latest Twig Science Reporter news update, completed their weekly Kahoot quiz and got the opportunity to have all of their TSR questions answered!

Watch the video below to see how much fun our weekly news updates bring to K–6 classrooms.

Every Kid Deserves Twig Science Reporter

“My kindergarteners love it as much as my 5th and 6th graders do. Thank you for this wonderful resource, and for making it free!”

Kendra, Elementary Science Content Specialist

Twig Science Reporter was launched in 2016, and since then our talented team has produced six series featuring 186 news updates that cover the latest developments in science and engineering, focusing on current news and significant world events. Since the release of our first episode, this free weekly science news service has reached 178 countries and has represented many of them along the way – with season 5 alone featuring stories from 24 countries across the world.

Season 5 featured stories from 24 countries

Twig Science Reporters Make it Magical

Christopher Borjas

Contessa Akintunji

Arantza Pardo

Before Christopher took the reins, Contessa Akintunji was our Twig Science Reporter. As well as featuring in our weekly Twig Science Reporter emails, Christopher and Contessa have worked closely with the marketing team to create engaging supplemental videos for the promotion of TSR across our social media platforms. Arantza Pardo then delivers Twig Science Reporter to all of our Spanish speaking viewers.

“The kids love watching it every Thursday! They remind me to check my email if I don’t already have it loaded for them.”

Ginny, Science Teacher

Visit our social pages to see our Twig Science Reporters in action!

Always Striving to Make it Better

The team are constantly reviewing Twig Science Reporter to see how they can add value to the product, and in 2020 we also began to offer our news updates in Spanish. To date, there are 46 Spanish Twig Science Reporter news updates available on Youtube. These have been extremely popular and have gained a whopping 904,477 views on YouTube alone – that’s 33,182 hours!

In the past year, Kahoot quizzes have also been introduced as a new feature of the weekly Twig Science Reporter experience, and are available in both English and Spanish. Kahoot is a well-known brand in the USA, and our fun quizzes allow students to demonstrate what they have learned in an exciting way. This season the quizzes have been enjoyed by nearly 50,000 players.

“The information we use, including short video clips, keeps students engaged and talking afterwards. The more they talk, the more they remember.”

Manjit,  Head of Year 6

Helping Teachers Create Magic 

To learn what teachers love most about Twig Science Reporter, read the reviews that won us an EdTech Impact Teacher Choice award in 2021.