Get On Your Bike!

Bike2Work is a government-approved cycle to work scheme that Twig has signed up for, which allows Twig staff the opportunity to save up to 42% on the purchase of a new bike and associated equipment such as helmets, locks, child safety seats, reflective clothing and lots more. 

How does it work?

The scheme allows employees a tax exemption enabling you to save on Income Tax and National Insurance contributions by having the cost of the bike/equipment deducted from your gross salary via salary sacrifice. You can view the full Employee User Guide for more information on the scheme, but here are the main steps for you:

  1. You register with Bike2Work using our company PIN: B2W/94764.
  2. You choose your new bike or equipment from a Bike2Work partner store, and request a written quotation.
  3. You submit the quote to Bike2Work and sign your Hire Agreement.
  4. An invoice is sent to Twig along with your Salary Sacrifice Agreement, which has to be signed by the employee and employer.
  5. Twig makes the payment to Bike2Work in exchange for a voucher for your new bike or equipment.
  6. The voucher is then sent to your chosen store via email.
  7. Your new bike is delivered and you live a healthier, happier, greener commute!

Payments for your purchase would then be deducted from your monthly salary over the agreed term.

The scheme incorporates over 2,000 partner companies including online stores such as Evans Cycles and Wiggle Ltd, along with many independent shops in Glasgow such as Bikechain, Billy Bilsland Cycles, Clarkston Cycle Centre, Corner Bikes, Solid Rock Cycles, and more… you have plenty to choose from!

For further information, you can call Bike2Work on 0330 088 4765 or email them at

Meet the Pack

June marked the issue of an updated Twig Office Dog Policy and the return of dogs to the office. We thought it was time to introduce your new teammates, so here are some of the adorable faces you may see around the office.


Door greeter / Lynsey‘s fur baby

Archie’s a typical cockapoo—super friendly, loves making pals, and can be a little excitable. He’s tennis ball obsessed and would chase one all day if he could, but is equally happy just having a wee snuggle.

Superpower: Speed (he loves a zoomie)

Weakness: Toast, behind the ear scratches, anything with a squeak.

Beara (Garbage Princess)

Hoover (Winner of 2021 attention to detail award!) / Laura’s scaredy baby

Socially anxious but really trying her best to be a good city pup. Beara lived in a rubbish dump until early 2021. Any consistent efforts to be her friend will be rewarded in the medium term!

Superpower: Cartwheel tail wags, Full body wags, Jumping over (small) rivers

Weakness: Foxes, Squirrels, Sausage rolls (Greggs plz)

Bonnie (Bonbon)

Chief Hot Water Bottle / Lisa’s mum’s favourite daughter

A sturdy and affectionate sheep. Loves to be squeezed (she’s very big on hugs).

Superpower: Smells great despite being a dog

Weakness: Is unable to resist trying to lick a face that’s too close to hers

Dolly (Dolly-doo)

Chief Cuddler / Graeme and Rachel’s baby babushka

For such a timid wee dog she has an incredible amount of character. Very loyal and protective, but also totally out for herself and will betray you if treats enter the equation.

Superpower: Her cuteness can disarm even the greatest of foes

Weakness: Treats

Honey (The Bun)

Barkive Researcher / Graham’s wee pal

Lazy, like a cat in dog form. Simultaneously the most elegant and goofiest animal on the planet.

Superpower: Sleeping for 18 hours a day

Weakness: People

Lupo Bear (Floofer)

Squirrel Supervisor / Laura’s bestest boy

He expects people to love him while he just sits there doing nothing because that’s been 99% of his life experience. Very chill, even in rowdy pubs.

Superpower: Infinite floof

Weakness: Chest scritches, butt scritches, behind-ear scritches

Poppy (Crumb-Dog-Millionaire)

Woof-Over Artist / Rob’s semi-loyal hound

Pops is a playful pooch, loves a ball, and loves a trail of empire biscuit crumbs even more. She is always happy to see people and enjoys a good chin rub. She’s new to office commutes but will hopefully settle in well.

Superpower: The power to get every morsel of yoghurt out of a pot

Weakness: Crumbs. A stroke of her fuzzy chops. A patch of grass to roll and scratch around in

Roger (Rog)

Head of Puplick Relations / Maia’s annoying sidekick

Roger is a super friendly guy who’ll make friends with anyone with a ball. A classic example of beauty and no brains, he’s very lovable and likes to secure affection by licking as much as physically possible.

Superpower: His enormous tongue

Weakness: Anything that squeaks

Rosie (Claudia Winklepup)

Director of Human Support / Lucy and Chris’ smelly tenant

A wonderful kind old soul who loves people and loves to sleep a lot. She doesn’t like being around other dogs indoors, but would happily go for a wander in the park with them.

Superpower: Stealing food at lightning speed

Weakness: Sleeping in the sun, treats (of any flavour), neck rubs

Social Hub: June 2022

Our Forced Fun Facilitors started their duties with a bang this month, pulling off an outstanding leaving party for Catherine Cahn to celebrate her time as CEO at Twig. You can relive the night through the videos and photos shared below, but first let’s look forward to the fun-tastic events the FFFs have planned for July!

Coming in July…

Payday Drinks

It’s been a while, but you can look forward to the return of (pre) payday drinks on Thursday, July 28th. This will optimistically take place in glorious sunshine on the 4th floor balcony (…or warmth of the 4th-floor kitchen) and everyone is welcome!

Payday drinks will be a regular feature in our social calendar and will be celebrated on a different day each month, allowing everyone the chance to attend.

Pub Quiz

The FFFs are ready to put their smarts to the test, and welcome you to join them in some healthy competition at a local pub quiz. Tables will be reserved and the first round is on Twig. If you’re interested complete the form linked below.

Group Hike

Make the most of the beautiful Scottish scenery this summer and join the FFFs for a group walk. Route and date have still to be decided but it is guaranteed that it will be accessible by public transport, easy-moderate in effort and ideally end at a pub… do you spot a theme?

If you would like to take part, let them know which dates you’re available by completing the form linked below.

Saying Goodbye to Catherine

Will the real Catherine Cahn please stand up…

The History of Twig

To commemorate Catherine’s time at Twig, the marketing and production teams created a video in which she helped summarise the company’s history.

You can also learn about the Crazy Catherine in this Tigtag-themed video, created to mark her relocation to California in 2017.


Catherine then thanked the team for making her time at Twig so special. As well as Dave, Alan and Natasha taking the opportunity to celebrate Catherine’s achievements at Twig, we also heard words of praise for our Forced Fun Facilitators from Agnieszka.

If you would like to hear any of the speeches made on the night, recordings can be found here.

Photo Booth!

View all photos, gifs and videos from the night here

Goodbye, Catherine! Thank you for all you have done for Twig over the years.

We’ll miss you, but wish you all the best on your next adventure!

You’ve Never Seen Core Like This Before

The UK marketing team has been working hard in collaboration with teams across the Imagine Learning family to deliver campaigns that cohesively showcase the many different products of the Core offering. To help you to understand where our much-loved Twig Science program fits within this exciting new portfolio, we are pleased to share examples of this work and offer a quick re-cap of Imagine Learning Core.

Imagine Learning Classroom is due to be launched soon and will provide a complete ELA and Math programme for K–12 students. Included in this offering are Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics, EL Education and Odell. Find out more about each of these products listed below.

Subject: Math

Grade: K–12


Imagine Learning is one of Illustrative Mathematics’ (IM) K–12 Certified Partners. The IM Certified designation assures that the materials adhere to IM’s philosophy and have been developed, reviewed, and approved by Illustrative Mathematics.   

IM was authored by Dr. Bill McCallum and a team of math leaders focused on improving student outcomes in mathematics. The problem-based curriculum is built on best practices and research principles from NCTM, National Research Council, Smith & Stein, and others. It’s driven by student discourse and built around focus, coherence, and rigor to equip all students with the skills they need to thrive in mathematics.  The best part? The program is rated as All Greens* by!

Our promo video shows how Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics empowers teachers every day.

Subject: ELA

Grade: K–8


The Imagine Learning EL Education curriculum offers comprehensive foundational skills instruction focused on teaching the five components of reading: fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary and comprehension. Grounded in Dr. Linnea Ehri’s phase theory, the Reading Foundations Skills Block uses a structured phonics approach to teach students letter-sound connections and how to decode

The Imagine Learning EL Education curriculum focuses on the science of reading by explicitly teaching:

  • foundational skills that build word recognition;
  • language-comprehension skills that support strategic reading;
  • bridging skills that predict reading; and
  • self-regulation skills that support fluent, skilled reading.

Learn how EL Education’s cross-curricular approach helps students build literacy skills while deepening knowledge of real-world topics.

Subject: ELA

Grade: 9–12


The Odell Education High School Literacy Program is dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge through student discovery. Odell Education brings contemporary issues to bear on reading in a way that encourages students to apply their life experiences to content and topics explored in the classroom.

Throughout the curriculum, students explore a variety of classic and contemporary literature and high-interest topics from diverse perspectives, alongside other media such as works of art, articles, primary source documents, podcasts, TED Talks and film.

To learn more about Odell Education and what the program offers teachers and students, view the overview video linked below.

Subject: Science

Grade: K–8


One you’ll be a little more familiar with!

We created Twig Science from the ground up for the Next Generation Science Standards. The program ensures that all students have an interwoven understanding of Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs), and Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs). Our unique instructional design challenges students to become creative problem solvers, making sense of engaging, real-world phenomena.

This year we have run successful marketing campaigns that provide teachers with ultimate guides to the three dimensions of the NGSS. View our video guides, step-by-step blog series, and printouts via the landing pages linked below.

Your Wellness Benefits

Health Shield – Health Cash Plan

All UK Twig Staff are automatically enrolled with Health Shield from their second month of employment. This service provides you with annual contributions towards your everyday healthcare. To view the cashback claims you could be making for your next dental appointment, physiotherapy consultation or pair of glasses, check out Twig’s tailored Health Cash Plan.

As well as these cashback benefits, there are additional features available to staff through their Health Shield plan that promote the prevention of physical and mental ill-health… as well as cash savings you can use for shopping and leisure activities. You can view these in the My Wellness section when logged into your Health Shield portal.

  • My PERKS: “Our rewards scheme offering deals and discounts from the brands you know and love.”
  • My GP Anytime – “A direct line to a doctor via phone or video chat and prescriptions sent directly to your home or work address.”
  • My 24/7 Counselling: “Making it easy for you to get the support you need, when you need it. My 24/7 Counselling and Support Helpline offers support for stress, bereavement, financial concerns, family issues and more.”
  • My Home Assistance: “Offering support with household chores, local shopping and mobility for those who need a helping hand at home after a stay in hospital.”
  • My Online Health Assessments: “Offering health and lifestyle analysis supported by nutrition diaries, stress and fitness programmes plus video guides.”

You can also view all of the benefits of your Health Shield Health Cash Plan in the document section of People HR. If you have any questions, please contact for assistance.

The Printing Charity 

This charity offers a free helpline for all Twig employees looking for “practical, emotional, and financial support.”

“All our counsellors are members of, and accredited by, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). You can discuss anything that may be troubling you, from relationships and stress, to work related issues including bullying, motivation or conflict.”

Having a sympathetic and trained ear to listen can make all the difference during a tough time – if at any time you feel you could benefit from this service, you can reach them 24/7 on 01293 542820.

Coming Soon… Aviva 

We are in the process of transferring provider for our life assurance and income protection to Aviva. One of the main drivers for this switch is to allow staff and their families to benefit from the following features:

  • Employee Assistance Programme – “Through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), you have access to a 24/7 counselling team who provide in-the-moment practical information and advice services around issues that may be affecting you at home or at work.” 
  • Thrive: Mental Wellbeing – “An evidence-based app designed to help users keep on top of their mental wellbeing and help prevent and manage stress, anxiety, and other common mental health conditions. The app helps track a user’s emotions, linking them to situations that could be the cause, records feelings and offers tools and techniques to manage situations. And it’s all completely confidential.” 
  • Wellbeing Library – “Stress and worry can take a toll on wellbeing, wherever it comes from. The Wellbeing Library is an on-line library of useful content, hints and tips – including guides and tools. In the Wellbeing Library, your employees will find sections offering helpful support on all kinds of situations, from family and relationships, money or work, mental or physical health conditions. Whatever’s on their mind, they can find information to help them deal with it.”
  • Get Active – “Get Active supports Aviva customers with their wellbeing and fitness goals with savings on gym services, discounted lifestyle products and money-saving offers at over 3,000 health and fitness clubs.”