Extended Trials for COBIS Webinar Attendees

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… we’d love to offer you extended 60-day trials for Twig, Tigtag and Tigtag Junior. Enter your details to get yours today!

Twig is our resource for ages 11–16, containing 1,000+ award-winning, 3-minute videos in English that combine visual and adaptive learning, supported by hundreds of lesson plans, visuals, and other classroom resources. Twig is also available with language packs in different languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, and Simplified English.

Tigtag is designed for ages 7–11 and contains engaging videos, visual resources, lesson plans, and quizzes that allow teachers to simplify tricky scientific concepts for primary school students.

Tigtag CLIL is a platform for teaching science and geography in English to students aged 7–11, combining Tigtag’s award-winning resources with the innovative Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach.

Tigtag Junior is aimed at ages 4–7 and is a complete online resource for younger children, introducing foundational science in a simple, fun, and engaging way.

In addition this offer, you’ll be eligible for a 20% discount if you subscribe after your extended trial.

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