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For 10 years, our products and services have been revolutionizing classrooms around the world. Our renowned skills in content creation are matched only by our accomplishments in innovative product development. We are committed to delivering the quality of learning environments expected by digital natives and modern classrooms. Twig brings real-world wonder and understanding into education.


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Hands-on Science Kits

Next Generation Science Standards

The Next Generations Science Standards are revolutionizing science education, and Twig Education is at the forefront of this instructional shift. Our grade-specific resources have been created to inspire, educate, and support students and teachers as they transition to a genuinely 21st-century curriculum.

For K–6 students

A phenomena-based core science program embracing the investigative, hands-on nature of NGSS, presented as real-world STEM storylines that capture student imagination. Available in beautiful print editions and on a state-of-the-art digital platform.


For 6–12 students

Easily create brilliant lessons or “flip” the classroom with our expansive catalogue of resources including videos, visuals, and assessments—aligned to the NGSS grades 6–12.

Included with Twig Science or sold separately

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For K–5 students

A supplemental suite of NGSS-aligned resources, enabling teachers to create custom lessons designed to engage and inspire.

Included with Twig Science or sold separately

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For K-5 students

Bringing authentic topical news reports into classrooms each week, with films created to spark student interest in real science developments and educate them about the world.

Core Learning

Learning resources aligned to over 20 international curricula, created to engage and inspire students with captivating real-world content relevant to their age group or grade level.

For students aged 11–16

Award-winning films that combine visual and adaptive learning, supported by hundreds of lesson plans, visuals, and other classroom resources.


For students aged 7–11

Engaging visual resources, lesson plans and quizzes that provide teachers with fun and easy lesson activities that simplify tricky scientific concepts for primary school students.

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For students aged 4–7

A complete online resource for younger children, to introduce scientific concepts in a simple, fun and engaging way.

Supportive Learning

Designed to develop new skills and boost subject confidence of teachers and students alike, our supportive learning suite contains tools to educate through engaging resources and relevant real-world context.

Weekly topical science news that sparks classroom discussions and demonstrates how science connects to the world around us.


Online professional development courses that provide teachers with new ideas and inspiration while raising their subject confidence and science literacy, developed in partnership with Imperial College London.


Designed specifically for English language learners, Tigtag CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is a dynamic method of learning English through the study of science and geography.