Our research, design, and development teams live and breathe our users’ experiences and turn ideas into solutions. We don’t just make amazing content—we’ve also built a digital platform from the ground up in order to deliver world-class learning experiences. We are constantly iterating our digital products to adapt to changing user needs and market demands, in accordance with user-centered design strategies.


Cutting-Edge Digital Platforms

Our secure, enterprise-grade platforms rely on the latest cloud technologies and global distribution networks to bring resilient, reliable, and high-performing learning management systems (LMS) into schools and classrooms around the world.


Clean, Modern Design

Our designers understand how teachers and students work, learn, think, and do. We employ a modern and vibrant visual style that diverges from traditional educational experiences, aligning holistically with the digital experiences our users know and understand.


Easy-to-Use Digital Assessments

Our digital assessments allow you to track your students’ understanding of key science concepts, providing you with the data to track and modify your teaching to suit your students’ diverse needs.


Custom Video Player

Our custom video player gives users’ control of their digital experience. Toggle between languages, enable audio description, and select playback quality to accommodate any network or device restrictions.


Platform Integration and Privacy

Our versatile and user-friendly platforms allow us to integrate our products with a range of well-known single sign-on and roster systems, including Google Suite and Google Classroom. We have also created many custom integrations using industry standards and frameworks.

We take privacy seriously—all of our products are designed to meet relevant regional privacy standards.


Accessible for All

Our digital products are designed for accessibility, incorporating industry-standard accessibility tools as well as bespoke features like text-to-speech, video captions, text size controls, and high-contrast mode.