Get On Your Bike!

Bike2Work is a government-approved cycle to work scheme that Twig has signed up for, which allows Twig staff the opportunity to save up to 42% on the purchase of a new bike and associated equipment such as helmets, locks, child safety seats, reflective clothing and lots more. 

How does it work?

The scheme allows employees a tax exemption enabling you to save on Income Tax and National Insurance contributions by having the cost of the bike/equipment deducted from your gross salary via salary sacrifice. You can view the full Employee User Guide for more information on the scheme, but here are the main steps for you:

  1. You register with Bike2Work using our company PIN: B2W/94764.
  2. You choose your new bike or equipment from a Bike2Work partner store, and request a written quotation.
  3. You submit the quote to Bike2Work and sign your Hire Agreement.
  4. An invoice is sent to Twig along with your Salary Sacrifice Agreement, which has to be signed by the employee and employer.
  5. Twig makes the payment to Bike2Work in exchange for a voucher for your new bike or equipment.
  6. The voucher is then sent to your chosen store via email.
  7. Your new bike is delivered and you live a healthier, happier, greener commute!

Payments for your purchase would then be deducted from your monthly salary over the agreed term.

The scheme incorporates over 2,000 partner companies including online stores such as Evans Cycles and Wiggle Ltd, along with many independent shops in Glasgow such as Bikechain, Billy Bilsland Cycles, Clarkston Cycle Centre, Corner Bikes, Solid Rock Cycles, and more… you have plenty to choose from!

For further information, you can call Bike2Work on 0330 088 4765 or email them at

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