How Twig Science Supports Your Literacy Block

How do you stop your students’ struggles with proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing from holding them back in science class? Want to find ways for students to take what they learn in science and apply them to English Language Arts? How will your English Learners’ accelerated scientific language acquisition help them in the ELPAC?

Twig Science helps you to develop independent and motivated readers/writers when you pair Twig Science in English or Español with your English or Spanish Language Arts approach.

The table below outlines the Twig Science components, benefits, and opportunities for alignment with your literacy block.

Literacy Approach & GroupingTwig Science 
Built-In NGSS Text Types
Instructional Benefit and Opportunities for Transfer
See, Hear, and Read-Aloud
__ Designated ELD

1000s of Videos

• Based on NGSS standards and phenomena

• Building language skills, background knowledge, and vocabulary

• Closed captioning for text tracking and academic vocabulary

• Infographics as context models
Read-AloudsPrior-Knowledge Read-Alouds

Science and Engineering Trade Books
• Background knowledge / academic content vocabulary

• Expert informational text writing models

• A range of inspiring expert scientific writing models
Shared Reading and WritingTwig Books• Applying English Language Arts skills and strategies to hands-on, digital, and reading investigations

• Stanford SCALE Language Routines

• Tier 3 word walls
Small GroupsColorful Leveled Readers with Mini-Lessons
(On-Level, Above-Level, English Learner, Below-Level)
• Close reading strategies to build science content knowledge.

• First and second reads, text-dependent questions, text features, and multiple writing opportunities. 

• Additional informational text leveled reading with a focus on science content standards
Integrated ELDEmerging, Bridging, and Expanding Levels (language acquisition support built into Teacher Edition lessons)• Additional support for English Language Development

• Impactful scaffolds to accelerate English language proficiency.

• Giving students  confidence in speaking, reading, writing, and listening domains
Designated ELDMonitoring English Language Proficiency (ELPAC tasks built into TE)

EL Leveled Reader Lessons
(with text to speech)
• ELPAC-like tasks to accelerate student language proficiency

• Additional support for English Language Development

• Text supports, additional definitions, context clues, special features, labels, and tools
PhonicsLeveled Reader Lessons
(On-Level  in Teacher Edition—Below-Level, English Learner, and Above-Level online)

Stanford SCALE Language Routines
• Decoding support with phonemic awareness, phonics, word study, and fluency

• Enhanced Tier 2 Vocabulary Routines

• Language of Science Routines
Designated ELD
Twig Science Tools
(videos, visuals, games, activities)
• Backmapping to previous grades, standards, performance expectations, and topics

• Closing foundational gaps in language and background knowledge
Independent ReadingTwig Book

Leveled Readers

Twig Science Reporter (weekly science news and sources)

Trade Books
• Additional informational text leveled reading with a focus on science content standards

• Weekly science news updates, fact packs, features, and articles

• Lessons to extend thinking and learning

To explore these opportunities in more detail, visit If you want to discuss Twig Science with your local consultant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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