Introducing… Virtual Learning Lunches

As part of our Learning and Development Framework, the HR team is proud to launch the new Virtual Learning Lunch series – bringing staff together once a month for fun, informal learning sessions. 

The subjects covered in these sessions will not be limited to the following areas, but here’s a flavour of the possibilities:

  • Cross-training sessions: Do you know what it takes to be a graphic designer? Departments can share their working knowledge, allowing teams to gain insight into different areas of the company.
  • Product familiarisation: If you are aware of a gap in your knowledge, a product demo could quickly get you up to speed.
  • TED Talk-style: If you have a topic you feel particularly passionate about, here’s your opportunity to shine. This is a great way to get to know each other – share your own hobbies or learn about your colleague’s interest in poetry, talent for crochet or success in creative writing. 

We already have an exciting schedule of sessions. Here’s a taste of what’s to come…

Monday, May 9 – 12.30 pm

Introduction to Robotify

Dylan Fitzpatrick, Partner Enablement Manager – Robotify

Join Dylan to learn about the history of Robotify and learn more about the Imagine Learning program that teaches students to code by controlling virtual robots!

Monday, June 13 – 12.30 pm

How We Make Our Films

Natalie Moss, Senior Producer – Twig Education

Natalie explains how Twig films are made – from the early stages of scripting to the final elements of post-production.  

All sessions will last 30 minutes, be hosted on Zoom and recorded for staff to revisit. You will receive a calendar invite for each session – simply accept the invitation to secure a place.

If you have an idea for a session or would like to volunteer to host one, please submit your suggestions using the form linked below.

Coming soon…

Access Learning is another tool that will soon be added to the Learning and Development Framework. This new Learning Management System (LMS) will sit alongside PeopleHR and provides a catalogue of ready-made virtual courses featuring the following learning topics: 

  • Health and safety
  • Corporate compliance and social responsibility
  • Workplace skills
  • Soft skills
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Microsoft and Google packages

Access Learning will also offer the opportunity for us to create our own bespoke courses. 

Watch this space for more information!

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