Meet the Pack

June marked the issue of an updated Twig Office Dog Policy and the return of dogs to the office. We thought it was time to introduce your new teammates, so here are some of the adorable faces you may see around the office.


Door greeter / Lynsey‘s fur baby

Archie’s a typical cockapoo—super friendly, loves making pals, and can be a little excitable. He’s tennis ball obsessed and would chase one all day if he could, but is equally happy just having a wee snuggle.

Superpower: Speed (he loves a zoomie)

Weakness: Toast, behind the ear scratches, anything with a squeak.

Beara (Garbage Princess)

Hoover (Winner of 2021 attention to detail award!) / Laura’s scaredy baby

Socially anxious but really trying her best to be a good city pup. Beara lived in a rubbish dump until early 2021. Any consistent efforts to be her friend will be rewarded in the medium term!

Superpower: Cartwheel tail wags, Full body wags, Jumping over (small) rivers

Weakness: Foxes, Squirrels, Sausage rolls (Greggs plz)

Bonnie (Bonbon)

Chief Hot Water Bottle / Lisa’s mum’s favourite daughter

A sturdy and affectionate sheep. Loves to be squeezed (she’s very big on hugs).

Superpower: Smells great despite being a dog

Weakness: Is unable to resist trying to lick a face that’s too close to hers

Dolly (Dolly-doo)

Chief Cuddler / Graeme and Rachel’s baby babushka

For such a timid wee dog she has an incredible amount of character. Very loyal and protective, but also totally out for herself and will betray you if treats enter the equation.

Superpower: Her cuteness can disarm even the greatest of foes

Weakness: Treats

Honey (The Bun)

Barkive Researcher / Graham’s wee pal

Lazy, like a cat in dog form. Simultaneously the most elegant and goofiest animal on the planet.

Superpower: Sleeping for 18 hours a day

Weakness: People

Lupo Bear (Floofer)

Squirrel Supervisor / Laura’s bestest boy

He expects people to love him while he just sits there doing nothing because that’s been 99% of his life experience. Very chill, even in rowdy pubs.

Superpower: Infinite floof

Weakness: Chest scritches, butt scritches, behind-ear scritches

Poppy (Crumb-Dog-Millionaire)

Woof-Over Artist / Rob’s semi-loyal hound

Pops is a playful pooch, loves a ball, and loves a trail of empire biscuit crumbs even more. She is always happy to see people and enjoys a good chin rub. She’s new to office commutes but will hopefully settle in well.

Superpower: The power to get every morsel of yoghurt out of a pot

Weakness: Crumbs. A stroke of her fuzzy chops. A patch of grass to roll and scratch around in

Roger (Rog)

Head of Puplick Relations / Maia’s annoying sidekick

Roger is a super friendly guy who’ll make friends with anyone with a ball. A classic example of beauty and no brains, he’s very lovable and likes to secure affection by licking as much as physically possible.

Superpower: His enormous tongue

Weakness: Anything that squeaks

Rosie (Claudia Winklepup)

Director of Human Support / Lucy and Chris’ smelly tenant

A wonderful kind old soul who loves people and loves to sleep a lot. She doesn’t like being around other dogs indoors, but would happily go for a wander in the park with them.

Superpower: Stealing food at lightning speed

Weakness: Sleeping in the sun, treats (of any flavour), neck rubs

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