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Did you know that the 2011 British Educational Training and Technology show (Bett) is where Twig first launched its digital content – a humble offering of 250 short videos on chemistry, biology, physics and earth science? You could say our portfolio has grown slightly since then, but Bett has remained a constant throughout the years. That’s why the team were extremely excited to return to this conference after a two-year break due to the pandemic, this time bringing an amazing offering of tools for schools and publishers.

Bett Awards

This year we were thrilled to be finalists for two Bett awards under the following categories:

  1. Primary – Digital Learning Product – Broad Curriculum (Twig Science Next Gen)
  2. International Digital Educational Resource (Twig Science Next Gen)

…unfortunately, the team won’t be bringing any trophies back to Glasgow from Bett this year, but they didn’t let that ruin their fun at the award ceremony on Wednesday night, and celebrated the honour of making it to the shortlist!

It’s the taking part that counts, right?

We’re Still Celebrating!

Don’t feel too disheartened – we have had a LOT of success at Bett in previous years. With the prestige the Bett awards hold in the digital education sector, our five awards to date should certainly not be forgotten!

  1. 2012 – Best Secondary Digital Resource (Twig World)
  2. 2013 – Digital Collections and Resource Banks (Twig World)
  3. 2014 – Primary Digital Content (Tigtag)
  4. 2016 – Best Open Educational Resource (Reach Out CPD)
  5. 2017 – EdTech award for International Digital Education Resource (Tigtag CLIL)

And while the team was in London, they also managed to collect a trophy that Twig was awarded in 2021 – the Assignment Report’s UK Education Industry Company of the Year!

The Assignment Report is the UK’s leading source of education industry news. It described Twig as “a rare example of a UK schools curriculum publisher that has successfully entered the US core curriculum market”.

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