Social Hub: June 2022

Our Forced Fun Facilitors started their duties with a bang this month, pulling off an outstanding leaving party for Catherine Cahn to celebrate her time as CEO at Twig. You can relive the night through the videos and photos shared below, but first let’s look forward to the fun-tastic events the FFFs have planned for July!

Coming in July…

Payday Drinks

It’s been a while, but you can look forward to the return of (pre) payday drinks on Thursday, July 28th. This will optimistically take place in glorious sunshine on the 4th floor balcony (…or warmth of the 4th-floor kitchen) and everyone is welcome!

Payday drinks will be a regular feature in our social calendar and will be celebrated on a different day each month, allowing everyone the chance to attend.

Pub Quiz

The FFFs are ready to put their smarts to the test, and welcome you to join them in some healthy competition at a local pub quiz. Tables will be reserved and the first round is on Twig. If you’re interested complete the form linked below.

Group Hike

Make the most of the beautiful Scottish scenery this summer and join the FFFs for a group walk. Route and date have still to be decided but it is guaranteed that it will be accessible by public transport, easy-moderate in effort and ideally end at a pub… do you spot a theme?

If you would like to take part, let them know which dates you’re available by completing the form linked below.

Saying Goodbye to Catherine

Will the real Catherine Cahn please stand up…

The History of Twig

To commemorate Catherine’s time at Twig, the marketing and production teams created a video in which she helped summarise the company’s history.

You can also learn about the Crazy Catherine in this Tigtag-themed video, created to mark her relocation to California in 2017.


Catherine then thanked the team for making her time at Twig so special. As well as Dave, Alan and Natasha taking the opportunity to celebrate Catherine’s achievements at Twig, we also heard words of praise for our Forced Fun Facilitators from Agnieszka.

If you would like to hear any of the speeches made on the night, recordings can be found here.

Photo Booth!

View all photos, gifs and videos from the night here

Goodbye, Catherine! Thank you for all you have done for Twig over the years.

We’ll miss you, but wish you all the best on your next adventure!

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