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The UK marketing team has been working hard in collaboration with teams across the Imagine Learning family to deliver campaigns that cohesively showcase the many different products of the Core offering. To help you to understand where our much-loved Twig Science program fits within this exciting new portfolio, we are pleased to share examples of this work and offer a quick re-cap of Imagine Learning Core.

Imagine Learning Classroom is due to be launched soon and will provide a complete ELA and Math programme for K–12 students. Included in this offering are Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics, EL Education and Odell. Find out more about each of these products listed below.

Subject: Math

Grade: K–12


Imagine Learning is one of Illustrative Mathematics’ (IM) K–12 Certified Partners. The IM Certified designation assures that the materials adhere to IM’s philosophy and have been developed, reviewed, and approved by Illustrative Mathematics.   

IM was authored by Dr. Bill McCallum and a team of math leaders focused on improving student outcomes in mathematics. The problem-based curriculum is built on best practices and research principles from NCTM, National Research Council, Smith & Stein, and others. It’s driven by student discourse and built around focus, coherence, and rigor to equip all students with the skills they need to thrive in mathematics.  The best part? The program is rated as All Greens* by!

Our promo video shows how Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics empowers teachers every day.

Subject: ELA

Grade: K–8


The Imagine Learning EL Education curriculum offers comprehensive foundational skills instruction focused on teaching the five components of reading: fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary and comprehension. Grounded in Dr. Linnea Ehri’s phase theory, the Reading Foundations Skills Block uses a structured phonics approach to teach students letter-sound connections and how to decode

The Imagine Learning EL Education curriculum focuses on the science of reading by explicitly teaching:

  • foundational skills that build word recognition;
  • language-comprehension skills that support strategic reading;
  • bridging skills that predict reading; and
  • self-regulation skills that support fluent, skilled reading.

Learn how EL Education’s cross-curricular approach helps students build literacy skills while deepening knowledge of real-world topics.

Subject: ELA

Grade: 9–12


The Odell Education High School Literacy Program is dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge through student discovery. Odell Education brings contemporary issues to bear on reading in a way that encourages students to apply their life experiences to content and topics explored in the classroom.

Throughout the curriculum, students explore a variety of classic and contemporary literature and high-interest topics from diverse perspectives, alongside other media such as works of art, articles, primary source documents, podcasts, TED Talks and film.

To learn more about Odell Education and what the program offers teachers and students, view the overview video linked below.

Subject: Science

Grade: K–8


One you’ll be a little more familiar with!

We created Twig Science from the ground up for the Next Generation Science Standards. The program ensures that all students have an interwoven understanding of Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs), and Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs). Our unique instructional design challenges students to become creative problem solvers, making sense of engaging, real-world phenomena.

This year we have run successful marketing campaigns that provide teachers with ultimate guides to the three dimensions of the NGSS. View our video guides, step-by-step blog series, and printouts via the landing pages linked below.

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