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Our mission is to give all students the skills and knowledge they need to understand how their world works.

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What We Do

Twig Education creates incredible, inclusive learning experiences full of aha! moments that students remember forever. We couldn’t do this without creative and passionate people who challenge and inspire each other. That’s where you come in. 

Working for Twig means getting the chance to use your talents to the full, doing work that makes the world a better place, in an environment where great contributions get noticed.

Twig launched in 2011, and our resources (created in collaboration with the likes of Imperial College London and Stanford University) are now used by 100,000s of teachers in over 60 countries and in 19 different languages. This success didn’t happen by accident. We give our people the chance to shine and we treat them well. Want to join us?

Working at Twig

Twig Education is a dynamic and innovative educational media company with offices in the US, UK and China. Our headquarters and production studio are located in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Our team is made up of more than 200 teachers, filmmakers, writers, researchers, designers, developers, academics, and salespeople all working together to create exciting and effective student learning experiences. 

Meet the Twig Team

Learn a little more about our team and what they love most about working at Twig, just click the button below to read our Meet the Twig Team series on our Instagram. Or read the bios of our Leadership Team,

Statement of Equal Opportunities

We are committed to employing people from all walks of life to reflect the experiences and needs of learners around the world.  We are working to actively attract people from diverse groups to work with us and help us inspire all learners, whoever and whenever they are.

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Post Production Manager

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Senior Video

Glasgow, United Kingdom


Senior Project Manager

Glasgow, UK

Content Editor

Glasgow, UK


School Sales Representative

Glasgow, United Kingdom


Logistics Coordinator/

Home Based

HR Business


Print Manager


Content Management

Reversioning Assistant

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Digital Delivery Editor

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Technical Development

Product Owner (Digital)

Glasgow, United Kingdom


Marketing Executive

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Post Production

There are no open positions in this department.

Project Management

There are no open positions in this department.

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