Educator Statement On COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Twig Education cares about the health of our employees, customers, and education partners. 

We have implemented additional safety precautions and training due to COVID-19, including a COVID Prevention Plan, self-assessments prior to conducting school business, vaccination-related requirements for field employees, wearing masks when required, and sanitization precautions. 

We will follow guidance from the CDC, federal and state OSHAs, local requirements, and the direction of schools. 

For the safety of our employees, Twig asks that, in return, customers, vendors, and partners abide by local, county, state, and federal safety requirements as well.

Planet Hunters Find Watery Clue to Alien Life

For the first time, scientists looking for life outside the Solar System have identified a faraway planet with water vapor in its atmosphere.

For planets to be able to contain life, they must be in a star’s “Goldilocks zone,” where water is liquid—neither too close to the star (or water would evaporate in the heat) or too far away (where it would freeze).

The planet in question is called K2-18b, and it was first observed in 2015. Follow-up studies using the Hubble space telescope revealed the water in the planet’s atmosphere—possibly in the form of rain or clouds.

The discovery is an encouraging sign for scientists searching the Universe for places other than Earth where life might have developed.

Planet K2-18b is what is known as an exoplanet. “Exo” means outside, and exoplanets are outside the Solar System. Scientists who look for these distant worlds are called astronomers.

“This is the first potentially habitable planet where the temperature is right and where we now know there is water,” said University College London astronomer Angelos Tsiaras. “It’s the best candidate for habitability right now.”

Being an astronomer can be exciting, rewarding work. That’s we included it as one of dozens of STEM roles students encounter with Twig Science, the investigation-based program developed for NGSS. In the Grade 5 module Patterns in the Night Sky, students meet an astronomer and learn all about how scientists gather information about the Universe. They learn about how to spot an exoplanet—and then try to find one themselves! And that’s not all they do as astronomers. They also investigate why some stars are brighter than others, why we only see them at night, and how they seem to move across the sky. They discover how to use the night sky to navigate, explore the constellations, and investigate the reasons why we don’t fall off the Earth!

Twig Science prepares students for a whole range of careers by enabling them to experience different STEM roles, from chemist to zoologist to architects. They go from working with a Hollywood special effects department to mapping real-life earthquakes as they happen all over the world. They read about and engage with scientists and engineers—from all walks of life—doing work that makes them think, “Yeah, I could do that.”

Visit Twig Science and get your students trying out dozens of possible futures.

Welcome to Twig Education

Big news—Twig World Ltd is becoming Twig Education!

Twig World Ltd is changing to Twig Education. Why? Because education is what we do. We’re committed to improving the quality of education around the globe, and we’re also dedicated to creating clear, intuitive, and exciting resources. We want that commitment and clarity to be reflected in our name: Twig Education.

Last year, we launched our new corporate website——where you can learn more about our company, our partners, and our full range of products. Since then we’ve been working hard to continue to expand our product portfolio around the world.

If you’re a teacher of students aged 11–16, there’s no need to panic. Twig World, our award-winning secondary resource, isn’t going anywhere and can still be found at the usual website address.

On the subject of names, you might be saying to yourself, “The ‘Education’ part makes sense… but why ‘Twig’?”

Well, we made this little video to explain…

What's in a name video

Look out for more award-winning, world-class products from Twig Education!

Multicolored balloons flying to the sky.

Twig Science officially adopted by the California Department of Education

The entire Twig Education team—including our partners at Stanford’s SCALE team, Imperial College London, and DC Thomson—is celebrating!


Because Twig Science has been adopted by the California State Board of Education.

It’s the moment the entire company has been working towards, and it marks the culmination of a rigorous review led by the Instructional Quality Commission.

What does this mean?
This means that Twig Science is now on the exclusive list of approved programs from which schools in California purchase their resources.

Twig Science is a phenomena-based TK–6 Science and Engineering program, built for California and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Along with our award-winning films and engaging digital and hands-on investigations, Twig Science’s print and/or digital solutions offer truly three-dimensional science and cross-curricular connections.

Also included is an assessment suite to track performance expectations.

Our partnership with SCALE means that our assessments are truly 3-D and deliver in building students’ confidence and preparing them for state assessments.

We are thrilled that all students will have access to real-world Science and Engineering as early as elementary school.

Catherine Cahn, CEO at Twig Education, said: “Twig Education has a history of creating innovative science products for students around the globe. We’re excited that students all across California will have the opportunity to explore their world through Twig Science while gaining key skills for success in the 21st century.”

Watch the Twig Science promo film here:

Students working on Twig Science hands-on tasks









If you’d like to see the full press release, including quotes from SCALE and Imperial College London, you can download it here.

Top 5 takeaways: The Power of 3-D Performance Assessments

NGSS has shifted the way science educators are thinking about and designing instruction and assessment. One way to address these shifts for California educators is to consider how 3-D performance assessments can help teachers chart their students’ progress towards meeting the goals of NGSS.

Cathy Zozakiewicz recently presented the webinar “The Power of 3-D Performance Assessments: CA NGSS, CAST, and Beyond.” Here are our top 5 takeaways:


1. The key to NGSS is three-dimensional learning.

With NGSS, science teaching and learning is no longer just about memorizing information. At its heart are Performance Expectations, describing what students are expected to know and to be able to do. To meet these expectations, students have to think like scientists, using knowledge in creative and analytical ways. They apply their understanding of scientific concepts to solve problems and make connections between the various STEM disciplines.

2. The three-dimensions of NGSS learning are SEPs, DCIs, and CCCs.

There are three main components of NGSS Performance Expectations. The first is Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs). These are specific activities—such as using models and carrying out investigations—that scientists and engineers use in the real world. Students following SEPs behave just like real scientists. The second component is Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs). These are made up of the primary knowledge and facts that students are expected to know in each discipline. The third component is Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs), which are the concepts that come up time and time again across all the science disciplines—things like patterns and cause and effect.

3. To maximize 3-D learning, we need to think about the assessments we use.

Many forms of assessments—Q&As, research projects—are good at measuring single dimensions of Performance Expectations, but ideally we want to develop assessments that provide evidence of the three-dimensions of NGSS. That’s where performance assessment comes in. Performance assessment is learning by doing. Unlike traditional forms of assessment, in which students learn and then get assessed at the end of an instructional unit, students are assessed as they perform and demonstrate real science practices and reasoning during the entire instructional sequence.

4. Performance assessment is assessment for and as learning.

Performance assessment is educative, because it provides teachers with actionable data—to understand what students are able to do and struggling to do. This allows teachers to give feedback and guidance and actually change what and how they teach as they proceed through a course. What’s more, students assess themselves—they know what they can do right now and what they need to learn. So performance assessment is more integrated with learning and has an impact on how that learning develops, rather than just being a measure of learning already attained.

5. Twig Science’s hands-on investigations make performance assessment truly three-dimensional.

Every Twig Science module features an immersive storyline, with hands-on investigations in which students try to solve problems, analyse their results, and make improvements. The investigations are explicitly tied to the three dimensions of NGSS—students gain knowledge, develop real STEM skills, and make connections between different disciplines. Students are being assessed in the NGSS performance expectations, the practices of scientists and engineers.  Students are also expected to assess themselves as they consider how to develop their ideas, models or solutions. Often they have no idea they are being assessed because they are so involved in what they’re doing—designing solutions, manipulating data, talking to each other, learning from errors. It’s a really effective and dynamic way of learning.

Cathy provides technical consulting and support through Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, & Equity (SCALE). She develops innovative, educational, and state-of-the-art performance assessments for evaluating student learning. The Stanford NGSS Assessment Project (SNAP) team, many of whom, including Cathy, are part of SCALE, were invited by the California Department of Education and ETS to evaluate and provide feedback on assessment items and the development process for CAST.

Watch the full webinar here.

Post Production Manager

Location: Glasgow
Contract: Fixed term
until December 2022
Closing Date: 1pm June 24th 2022
£42,000 per annum (negotiable depending on experience)

Twig Education creates incredible, inclusive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning experiences full of aha! moments that students remember forever. We couldn’t do this without creative and passionate people who challenge and inspire each other.

That’s where you come in! Working for Twig means getting the chance to use your talents to the fullest, doing work that makes the world a better place in an environment where your contributions get noticed.

Twig launched in 2011. Our resources, created in collaboration with Imperial College London and Stanford University, are now used by millions of teachers and students in over 60 countries and with over 20 different languages. This success didn’t happen by accident. We hire talented individuals, give them the chance to shine, and recognise the impact they make on Twig and on the lives of students across the globe. We’re here to change the world of STEM education. Want to join us?

Led by the Post Production Manager, the Post Production team services the wider Film Production department, supports the completion and delivery of wider marketing content, and the reversioning of our legacy films.

If you would like to see more about what we do please watch this film.


Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the successful delivery of all video content within the wider Film Production department
  • Coordinating and managing all projects coming through Post
  • Providing leadership and support for the Post Production team, including monitoring performance, conducting performance appraisals and and other line management duties
  • Providing oversight and direct management of all aspects of video and graphics editing for international re-versioning including liaising with clients as well as implementing, adapting and archiving all of the re-versioning materials and processes
  • Implementation and updating of systems and processes within the team to maintain a creative and collaborative culture, driving simplicity and synergy within Post, Production and other areas, liaising with the Lead Editor and Lead Motion Graphic Designer as required
  • Liaise with our Technical Manager as necessary to maintain systems and implement technical processes, and manage post production systems
  • Oversee the archive and maintenance of all Premiere Pro/ After Effects/ Cinema 4D projects for all Twig films and International Reversioning projects and their associated files
  • Ensure all films are to Twig standard and perform technical standard checks across our output
  • Liaise with the Production Manager and Head of Film Production to ensure projects are scheduled correctly, and will be managed and maintained throughout their production cycles
  • Prioritize projects based on key business drivers, keeping the Head of Film Production informed and seeking advice where necessary

Essential skills and experience

  • Extensive experience working within Google workspace, Excel and other Microsoft Office applications. Experience working with Smartsheets is a bonus
  • Demonstrable experience scheduling multiple concurrent productions or multi-faceted projects
  • An excellent understanding of post production departments and their interdependencies
  • An ability to create an atmosphere of cooperation and communication between pre-production/ development, production and post production
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to lead post production meetings and keep all team members updated on production
  • Line management experience – setting objectives, appraising team members. An ability to mentor and guide post production staff

Desirable Experience

  • Good working knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud applications, with particular experience within Premiere and After Effects
  • A solid understanding of wider video production processes from pre-production through to finishing

What’s in it for you?

Your job will offer diversity and fulfilment as well as professional and personal development. Twig has an open, fair, relaxed and flexible culture where hard work is recognised and rewarded.

Benefits of working at Twig include:

  • Salaries are competitive
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Cycle to Work scheme
  • Health Shield cashback plan
  • Generous holiday allowance including birthday off
  • Office in an attractive location
  • Being part of a lively, fun team

Work Environment

We operate a hybrid working model with three days spent in the Glasgow office and two working from home. The post holder will be responsible for ensuring they have a suitable working space which supports high performance.

Equal opportunities statement

Twig is an equal opportunities employer and positively encourages applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

Think you might fit this role?

To apply, please complete the online application form attaching a CV and covering letter, demonstrating the extent to which your skills, abilities and experience meet the requirements of this role. Applications close at 1pm on Friday the 24th June 2022.

Applications will be considered as they are submitted. Interviews may be conducted ahead of the application deadline